BoClean in a non-profit organization


I am trying to find out if you can use BoClean in a non-profit organization (church). Especially if you use it on more than one computer. The license agreement is a bit confusing to me and I am having trouble figuring out whether or not this would be allowed.

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Yes, You can use it for your Church’s Computer



Thanks very much for the info. If it is separately downloaded and installed on 4 different computers at the church, would that also be ok?

The reason I ask is that the license agreement says something about being installed on a single computer. In fact what it says is that you can install it “on a single personal computer and to make one backup copy of the Program, provided that: (i) the Program is installed on only one personal computer”.

Thanks again for the help.

Yes, It Would Be Fine :slight_smile:

I My Self Installed BOClean / CIS On Over Hundreds Of PC’s


Very good, thanks again CG.

I have also installed CIS already on these machines, and am going to add BOClean. I have used Comodo firewall before, but I don’t know much about the capabilities of the a/v scanning engine. I hope that this will be sufficient to protect these computers from threats. There was one that was totally loaded with viruses and spyware/malware before I cleaned it up and installed CIS. It had, I’ll just say a “competing free anti-virus program” installed previously, which had allowed a lot of infections through.



There are no “Conflicts”
Since BOClean is basically made for “adding to AV/AS” It will not conflict it should run smoothly
If So, Please Post Here And I’ll Resolve Them Immediatley