BoClean High Memory Fingerprint [Merged Threads]

Heh. Nah, only half an ear … had to share it with the crew. :slight_smile:

Well … spent the week “fine-tooth-combing” the code and there’s just no way for the code itself to “grow” as all memory allocations are “fixed” in size and just can’t grow. But for ME, there’s good news in this in that in 4.26 I had gone to “alloc” and “realloc” functions in making BOClean dynamically adjustable, and there were prior reports of this “effect” which I was actually able to reproduce. That’s why in 4.27, I returned the code to fixed sizing and removed all artifacts of “adjust memory size on the fly” in hopes of shrinking the memory usage as much as possible with the ability to grow it in the future “as needed.”

The problem seen though is a result of Windows’ memory management allocating space by itself and then not freeing it. Or at least as far as the “performance libraries” can tell. So I see this as encouraging for the next build after all as what I’d feared isn’t the case at all and I should be able to safely “realloc” as my code didn’t leak as it was anyway. What happens though if Windows loses track of its memory when it makes blocks of memory “moveable” (this is the cause - it moves it but forgets that it did), if it actually needs any of that freed memory, it will recycle it as required without ill effects. Still can’t figure out why that happens, but it’s definitely not BOClean causing it, nor is it reproduceable in most cases.

When we finally get to the “5” version though, and finally freed of support for the older versions of Windows (2000 and earlier) I’ll be in a position to SERIOUSLY knock down the memory requirements of supporting each of those older versions in one single program. And for those who are still running Win 3.11 through 2000, there will be a “final 4.xx” version which COMODO will continue to support. But it’s time to move on …

Anyhoo, wanted to let folks know what I’ve found in all of the code reviews all week, and it’s definitely not us.

Kevin, thank you very much for the little peek under the hood! :slight_smile:

Heh. Just watch out for that fanbelt! (grin)

Yes. Thanks from me as well.

I am glad it’s not you. We all love kicking Windoze!

From the fact that an actual memory manager shows the 17MB and not the 51MB, I am OK to live with silly reporting of memory usage by Win. 88)


Can’t wait for the long-awaited & expected v5 :slight_smile:

Realloc isn’t the best approach in memory management. Dynamic lists is the way to go!!

I get 16MB Mem Usage and 52MB VM Size for BOC427.exe

I can agree that Comodo BoClean is using too many resources. It makes my PC sluggish. I realy like comodo programs. I’m using Comodo Firewall 3 and “was” using BOClean but i’ve decided to drop it just yesterday, after long period of using it. (:AGY) (Unfortunately)
I use NOD32 and ThreatFire(and please don’t say to me to drop ThreatFire because it’s really light and has good protection ).

My PC was slow with BOClean ( from what i’ve read it’s scanning the PC, ok. i can understand that (:WAV)), but has to be done some improvements on resource using.

When i’ve installed Sandboxie it was horrible and also was when i’ve tried EQSecure.My PC was too slow (:AGY). I can’t use any of this programs with BOClean. Now everiting is running smoothly.

Don’t get me wrong, i like BoClean i would like to use it again but i don’t want to have so slow PC. Maybe i should consider when installing it, to disable autostart entry trough CCleaner or something else and to activate it on demand only.

Maybe different combination of Antivirus progs. firewall and other programs works differently with BOClean, but still… (Many are using Comodo Firewall and/or NOD32 so that have to be taken into consideration).
It has great protection in which i have been witness many times.

But at the end and “MOST IMPORTANT” the same conclusion is on wilderssecurity forum where users are dropping BOClean(i say againg unfortunately).

Maybe BOClean developers should go to forums( not just wilderssecurity, but there is my recommendation) and discuss with users on real problems and how to improve the program. Before buying the program from Comodo group, it was really popular and very often used, but not is getting forget.

That’s my two cents.

Hi renegade04, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

When Comodo bought the Privacy Software Corporation the only thing that changed for BOClean was that Kevin got more recources. Kevin is still the author of BOClean and does all the coding himself. And the malware research is also done under the supervision of Kevin. So in fact not much has changed, it is still the same ( but improved ! ) BOClean as before.

Maybe this post from Kevin about the upcomming BOClean 5 interest you :

About other forums : It is ofcource fine that BOClean is discussed on other forums, but this is the Official Support Forum, so if users want to discuss BOClean with Kevin they are welcome to do that here :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Hi Rednose

Thanks that you welcome me to the forum. By the way i’m not new just i’ve changed my nick(username). (:KWL)

I’m glad that i hear that same team is developing BOClean and plus more resources are given. The great thing is that is free. Like other great programs from comodo.

When will be the new version of BOClean?

About other forums : It is ofcource fine that BOClean is discussed on other forums, but this is the Official Support Forum, so if users want to discuss BOClean with Kevin they are welcome to do that here

My meaning wasn’t with bad intensions. I can say that only reading on other forum is a good point where should developers consider to do some start point for some problems and bugs.
By the way i’m not promoting other forums but on wilderssecurity the speciality is “security” (:WIN) which is discussed and where are discussing members with great experience about security program ( which are actual users) who also visit other forums. ( Please tell (:WAV) Kevin to visit wilders if he hasn’t yet, and maybe can resolve some problems. For further versions maybe, not for this)

Well, by saying that new version is on the way, this discussion maybe is obsolete

Thank’s for the reply and for explanations.

Hi renegade04 :slight_smile:

When will be the new version of BOClean?

First there will be a final 4.xx version, but for BOClean 5 Kevin is aiming for the end of this year.

Please tell Kevin to visit wilders if he hasn't yet, and maybe can resolve some problems. For further versions maybe, not for this.

Kevin is on holiday know, but I will point him to your sugestion :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.