BOClean flags mIRC.exe as trojan!

mIRC is version
BOClean is version 4.26 of course

So this is my first BOClean alert :smiley:
Unfortunately a false positive :stuck_out_tongue:

Can this be corrected?

PS: I uploaded the file here in case you can’t find a mIRC version (it’s quite old)

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Also in the CBOC FAQ.

Thanx for the quick reply!

There seems to be a bug with BOClean excluder under Vista.
I exclude mIRC.exe, but this isn’t enough. Everytime BOClead restarts it changes the BOC426.INI file and places this line at the end of Prefs:

When I open mIRC.exe I still get the trojan alert. If I then open BOClean excluder and just press on “DONE”, the INI file is changed again, the hung= is gone and I am able to run mIRC.exe.

So this hang= under Prefs is causing BOClean excluder not being able to “remember” an excluded item after every restart. I have to open the excluder and press “DONE” everytime.

Did you understand me or have I confused you? Can you confirm this?

I don’t use BOC so I can’t confirm, but according to FAQ, Kevin’s response:

(I bolded instructions)

Yup I followed those instructions, allthough they’re for 4.25v not 4.26, but that doesn’t really matter.

The issue is specific: Everytime I restart BOClean, hungs= appears in the BOC426.INI file under Prefs, which is the source of the problem.
If I open the excluder, I can see mIRC.exe, I press DONE, hungs= disappears and I can then start mIRC without an alert.

hungs= is the problem.

edit://omg I can’t understand this:
(1)I restart BOClean => mIRC.exe still flagged as trojan
(2)I restart BOClean and right click tray icon->close this menu => mIRC.exe works!

right click tray icon->close this menu forces BOC426.exe to modify the BOC426.ini file and then mIRC.exe works!

Shouldn’t this be done automatically at every startup?