BOClean File BOC423.XVU File Corrupted

Woke up this morning to see that my BOClean installation on my Vista machine was not working. Had run fine until today.

Long story short … have restarted the computer, run the update as suggested, and even uninstalled and reinstalled the program, always getting the same message “BOC423.XVU file corrupted.”


I had the same issue today. Even using the updater did not work, I had to delete the .vxu file and update again. Then it worked…

Maybe an error on the server side?


Deleted the BOC423 file on (3) different occasions, ran the updater, and always got the same message about the file being corrupt. ???

You may want to let Kevin know here:,8915.0/topicseen.html; he has requested to know about odd anomalies so they can make sure it’s being addressed.

You can provide him a link back to this thread, may be the easiest way.