BoClean False Positive [resolved]

BoClean detects Screenshot.exe as the following:

So why posting here? This is CIS part of forum, not BOClean.

HI,Welcome to the forums
Could you please upload the file to the forum?

Hi, Lenosec.
Here’s the file, as requested. Password “infected” , without the quotes.

[attachment deleted by admin]


Thanks for reporting. But, the archive you have attached appears to be corrupt.


Hey Baskar, I downloaded the file and it worked for me. Perhaps you made a spelling mistake or something when entering the password :slight_smile:

And btw…I would just like to say thank you to you and all the developers. Working really hard to make the internet secure. I really appreciate it and I’m sure alot of other people do too.

Thank you.

As i’m no longer seeing warnings when running the file, i take it this has been fixed.

Thanks for your time. :slight_smile:

locked then :slight_smile: (:m*)
pls PM any online mod if you wish to reopen