BOCLEAN dont work 64bit

Hi guys,
I went over to 64 bit like as in mobo Asus A8N-SLE-SE 2 gig DDR ram, Nvidia Geforce 6400 GS PCI E card.
Windows XP Pro all updates 32 bit system
CPU Athlon 3800+ 64 bit dual core running at 2000 mhz. FSB 1016 Mhz

I downloaded BOBLEAN and installed it rebooted and I get error messages.
It shuts down every time, so now I cant use it. so I was forced to un-install it.
I never had this problem when I had a 32 bit CPU system.

I just want some thing that will work with a 64 bit dual core system.

Any one?


Hi swift240 :slight_smile:

I have a 32 bit Windows XP Home running on a Athlon 4400+ 64 bit dual core system, and no problems. What error messages do you get ???

Greetz, Red.

Sounds like a pretty normal 64 bitter to me … when BOClean is installed on a 64 bit system, there are 64 bit drivers, and 64 bit “core services” in BOClean which are automatically detected and installed. In fact, if you watch the installer carefully, you’ll see for a brief time, “64 bit system detected” where the code branches off and ensures that 64 bit stuff goes in.

The MAIN BOClean GUI program though, “BOC425.exe” (right now) is a 32 bit application. This is necessary because BOClean supports all systems from Win95 through Vista and a separate 64 bit GUI would require splitting BOClean into two separate programs which would make maintaining the code a challenge. I indicate this only for the benefit of understanding in other future questions.

That all said, the GUI should work just fine unless there’s something else going on - possibly some errant settings in memory protection which is preventing the GUI from writing to its own memory space, or perhaps another program which is getting in the way and trashing BOClean’s “memory arena” in your situation. Normally BOClean works just dandy in 64 bit even with the 32 bit GUI, or this wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen this.

What I’d suggest is go ahead and uninstall it, REINSTALL it, and before you run it … go and locate BOC425.exe in the Program Files (x86)\COMODO\Comodo BOClean folder and see if you can twiddle “compatibility settings” there to make it behave … there’s a conflict of some sort though I don’t quite get why as any “legacy 32 bit” which is COMPATIBLE with Vista/Win2003 server should work without any difficulty at all … something’s squirrely there, and compatibility settings should solve the problem for now without any downsides until we can figure out what’s going on for a version somewhere down the road that will deal with it.