BoClean does not function for me

I downloaded about 3 or 4 months ago BoClean to stop mallware from entering my system but yesterday when I ran Hitmanpro my system was loaded with almost 50 pcs of mallware. I uninstalled boclean and installed AVG Anti-Spyware and hopes this will work.

What kind of “malware”? Tracking cookies maybe?

Logs please.

I don’t have all the logs but here is a part of it.

Ad-Aware SE Personal, free for private use. 00:33:26
1.06r1 SE1R188 20.08.2007

[b]Possible Browser Hijack attempt[/b]
Tracking Cookie

Spybot - Search & Destroy 00:20:17
Versie 1.4 (Build 23-05-2005) Laatste detectie update: 15-08-2007


Ewido Micro 01:17:56


Certainly I don’t think BOClean does anything about tracking cookies, but if you want them blocked the logical approach would be telling your browser to do so. Every antispyware on-demand scanner can remove “malicious” cookies (if such things ever exist), but I don’t know of a resident one that prevents them from entering the system in the first place. And even if such resident protection existed, I wouldn’t use it because it’s absurd to tell a program to thwart what you’ve allowed other program (your browser) to do. It’s no third party who writes the cookies to your hard drive, the sites just ask for it and it’s the browser itself who complies if it’s configured for it.

Possible Browser Hijack attempt Tracking Cookie Spybot - Search & Destroy 00:20:17 Versie 1.4 (Build 23-05-2005) Laatste detectie update: 15-08-2007
As I PM you already, BoC doesn't check cookies
Tradedoubler is ad-aware and I donno for sure but I think it is neither the point of BoC to check it.
Also ad-aware
Checks how many visitors have visited the website so I don't get it why it's there :-\

Hope this could help

Thanks All, I thought that the word malware witch BoClean uses was a collection of things mentioned here: Malware - Wikipedia

you should ask ~cat~ for more information

Thanks Xan, I think she’s reading this too (:WIN)

A bit of info on HitmanPro for anyone considering using it:


I can not tell that HitmanPro is good or bad because the software is just, and nothing more, than a shell around respectable anti-malware software like Lavasoft, PC tools, Trend Micro, Mc Afee and more. That software is what really runs and finds malware. But I think we must keep this post just about if BOClean really works that well and nothing more.

I posted the link regarding HitmanPro after you mentioned it in your first post so that people would be able to see what it is, I am not trying to open debate on the product, merely trying to inform. Also, it may have some relevence so people can see what they are comparing BOClean with as many do not know what HitmanPro is.


Sorry I’m a little late, it’s been a busy month or two for me…
As previously stated, cookies aren’t so much a security risk as a privacy issue and should be handled by your browser according to your preferences.
In regard to Tradedoubler and MediaPlex, I would assume one of Hitman Pro’s programs is either hitting on dead remnants or it’s a false positive.
BOClean does target adware.

…and for the record, I’m a he. ;D

Oeps sorry (:SHY)

BOClean does target adware.

Sry for the misunderstanding ;), I’m not really home in the features of BoClean