BoClean dislikes privacy

BOClean is totally incompatible with password protected/encrypted software.

TrueCrypt, MagicDisk encrypted, even password protected RARs, 7Z and ZIP, just to name a few.
To me it started with a currupted TrueCrypt drive. I nearly got heartattack for the lost 10Gb disk. I thought it was a TrueCrypt fault at first, but then it happend with a password protected RAR. Then I spent 2-3 additional hours testing with applications that generally encrypt/decrypt data.

The problem is always reproducible!
OS - Windows XP/SP2

  1. Mount/dismount encrypted drive, or try open several times a password protected file.
    On the 5-6th time the corresponding software will report currupted drive, wrong password, etc.
  2. Restart the computer - the problem persists.
  3. Deistall BOClean.
  4. Try again to open a password protected file or drive, that previously failed. You are lucky. All data is again accessible.
  5. Install BoClean again.
  6. Try step 1 - you are in the loop again.

Unfortunatelly to me I should avoid the the use of BOClean currently.