BoClean Definition Integration...

Just curious if yall had any dates or general ideas of when you will be implementing BoClean’s Definitions. If you don’t have this info I understand though.

Nothing has been defined as of yet. They’re working on getting a solid, stable release candidate for CAVS before making a lot of changes. Then, as I understand it, they will work on integrating aspects (if not all of) BOC into CAVS (while also providing BOC as a continued stand-alone product).


But BOClean is not an AV product. So this won’t improve the pretty poor detection rate CAVS seems to have (or has) according to some tests. Well, not in the “virus area” anyway.

That’s not specifically true, user4. Keep in mind that terminology is morphing somewhat. What used to be called spyware, trojans, backdoors, virus, worms, etc are now (perhaps more appropriately) called malware. This is because there’s a lot of crossover, amongst other reasons. BOC has some 25,000 plus of these definitions. This is and of itself isn’t great; it’s the way it uses those definitions that give it straight detection of close to 300,000 of “distinct” malware, and (if I recall correctly) over 1 million with all variations (it’s on the “support” page accessible from within BOC).

That’s a lot of detection capability. Not strictly “virus,” no, but there’s a lot of crossover, as I said. The big thing is the way it detects, and this is something that will (as I understand) be added functionally into CAVS as well.


There are reasons people like Holy Father respect BOClean…
CBO is an all purpose malware killer that covers viruses as well as the other assorted quap.
Our resources and intelligence on malware are some of the best available in the industry.
I worked with the BOClean team for several years when they were under PSC and was continually amazed at the people and agencies (official or not) that I bumped into.
The acquisition of not only BOClean’s malware library but also Kevin McAleavey to work with Comodo on all their products including CAVS will give Comodo CAVS a detection rate that will put the others to shame and turn the industry on their ear.

What? The Holy Father himself likes this product? It must be bloody good then… :smiley:

I wouldn’t know if that’s right. I have only seen a couple of false positives so far.