BOClean CPU usage spike in Admin Account[Resolved]

Greetings to everyone!  I'm new to the forums but have been a long time lurker and 

long time user of Comodo Firewall Pro ever since 2.4 and let me just say that CFP 3.0 with
D+ is a wonderful application, a truly industry strength firewall that is amazingly free to

Now there is an issue I have with one of comodo's product, BOClean 4.27, which is a 

recent addition to my installed security products on my rig. The problem I have is that
lately my CPU usage for BOClean 4.27 goes to as much as 50% when the icon turns blue. It is
still usable but it lingers too long at the 50% CPU usage (around 4 to 5 seconds) and may
interfere with other CPU heavy apps I run from time to time (video transcoding). Now
BOClean has been running on my system for a month now with no hiccups and I find that I can
run this with all my other security apps while playing a full screen 3d game. The CPU usage
spikes started happening for me yesterday. Now before we go on, let me give you my CPU
specs and security apps:

Intel Core2Duo E6750, 2Gigabytes of DDR2800 Ram, 8800GT PCIexpress video, Creative
SoundBlaster Audigy, Windows XP Pro, SP3 with all the latest drivers.
Security Apps: Comodo Firewall Pro 3.0, Comodo Memory Firewall, Comodo BOClean (all the
latest builds), Spyware Blaster, Avira Antivir Personal, Threatfire 3.5, and a bunch of on demand anti-malware scanners (spybot, superantispyware, MBAM, ASquared).

On to the details.  The only thing I could think of that could affect BOClean's current performance would have to be two distinct things I have done to my system recently.  One is a Bios flash to update my mobo firmware, and another is I have been playing around with SuRun and the use of limited accounts in general.  SuRun is an app that is like SuDown in which both attempt to alleviate the common problems of running an limited account and accessing the power of a System Admin without having to use the default runas command of 

windows or logging off and logging in as admin. Needless to say, the experiment with SuRun
did not work out too well for me and have uninstalled it and am now running a limited user
account with a software restriction policy instead.

I have eliminated the possibility of the Bios flash affecting BOClean since I have 

observed that the CPU spikes occur only in the admin account and not the limited user
account. Running in Limited User Account, BOClean is behaving the exact same way as it has
in the past month and is working without hiccups. When I log in to my Admin account, that
is where there is a great difference with how BOClean is operating. As mentioned earlier,
when after BOClean does an update or when the icon turns blue, the CPU usage spike occurs.
Normally this would just be around 10 to 15 % and would last less than a second. In the
Admin account the spike lasts around 2 to 5 seconds of 50% usage which would definitely
affect performance during multi-tasking.

I have un-installed and re-installed twice and the same behaviour persists.  The 

only thing that I haven’t tried is a clean install in Safe Mode and maybe to delete the
Limited User Account. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


It is normal that Boclean peaks around every 10-20 seconds, because then it’s scanning the memory. So please see if it’s just sometimes or it keeps running on 50% longer then 2 minutes .

I sujest that you delete Threadfire as it’s the same as Defense+ (only D+ is stronger)


 Ok, I'll try to monitor the behavior again.  It's kinda odd that the behavior/performance of BOClean in LUA is "lighter" than when it is in Admin.  But if 2 minutes is the benchmark for CPU hogging then I'm probably safe.  As for Threatfire, it hasn't caused any conflicts so far and I'm not confident that all my answers to D+ popups will be correct so I keep it as a sort of second line of defense after D+.  Thanks!
 Well, after some time observing how boclean works, it is indeed normal as eXperience said.  I guess I didn't pay attention before to how boclean operated.

 Some points though.  The long CPU spike when the icon turns blue happens in three situations.  First when the computer is turned on (cold boot).  Second situation is when after doing an automatic update.  The third is when you right click on the boclean icon and click on Reload/Test update.  Other than these situations, I have observed that Boclean is very light on CPU usage.

Well, that’s it. No problems so far. Mods please shut down the thread as the issue is resolved. Thanks!


Great (R)

I will shut down this thread as it is resolved (is that right written josh ? 88) ) if you need it reopened please pm an active mod with the link to this topic