BOClean blocks mIRC ?[Resolved]

I just installed the lasted ver of BOClean last night.

Today I tried to use my mIRC program and BOClean stops it saying it is infected with RSK-MIRC.62 variant???

Is this a false positive do you think. My aVAST antivirus and spysweeper do not identify it a trojan or any other kind of malware??

What do you think??

Thanks for your time.


Hi JamesKB,
If you’ll read the CBOC FAQ or search the forum you’ll find mIRC is detected by design (too many trojans use it).
You can exclude the file if it’s a known good copy.

HiYa ~Cat~

I discovered the answer in the BOC FAQ after I sent my message. Thanks for the reply.

Have a good day.


Goo deal. :wink:
I’ll lock and mark as resolved.