Hello i have just installed BOCLEAN but get a msg about autoupdate not working because of the firewall,i am using Comodo firewall and can see nothing wrong?
If i do a manual update it says i have the latest update.
Can anyone tell me how to get autoupdate working please ?
Thank you.

Having the same problem here. ??? Been using BoClean for two years and since yesterday it doesn’t want to Autoupdate. Did not change anything with my firewall.
Any idea what’s wrong all of a sudden?

I have the same problem, when i am not connected with the internet. The CPF can´t be false. When i am be connected with the internet i have no problems with autoupdate (!). I think that is a very little error from boclean. (:WAV) :BNC

Any help from Comodo would be appreciate. :slight_smile: A security application that doesn’t update is kind of useless. >:( My definition date is 2007-04-28

Did you try the forums search function ? There are several posts about update problems on the forum. You could start here :,8339.0.html#msg60553

Greetz, Red.

Thanks! There are several posts, but no solution for this problem! :SMLR

Yeah, I had checked most of these threads and nothing apply to my configuration. The problem is that I haven’t change ANYTHING in my computer (Hardware or Software) since 2 month. And now all of a sudden this problem arise. ???
So I guess something has change with BoClean…


Can you attempt to update BOClean manually and see if BOClean updates?

If BOClean does not update, can you disable you firewall temporarily and see if BOClean will update then?


Hi Mike!

Step by step:

  1. I turned on my pc with no internet connection because at this time I don´t need the internet.

  2. BOClean sends the message “BOCLean autoupdate problem! X ERROR!!! UNAVAILABE!. Check connection or firewall settings, site might be down.”

==> It doesn´t exist a firewall, a internet connection or a boclean problem, because sometimes i don´t want to turn on my internet connection (= this is my decision !!!).

SOLUTION: BOCLEAN don´t need try to connect to the internet when the home user internet connection is turned off.

There exist no BOClean problems.

Only the error message is a mistake!

Please correct BOClean for this situation!!!


Thanks mike6688 for your reply. Had already tried that before without success… I have KIS 6.0 installed and I even tried to disable it completely (I am behind a router) without success. :frowning:

Like I said previously, I haven’t change or even add anything on my system since two month now. It’s strange because I never had any problems with BoClean for the last two years I owned it. A incompatibility must have develop during the last week.

Anyway I don’t have too much time to search what’s wrong, so unfortunatly I may have to uninstall BoClean if the problem persist. :-\

From what I can see on the Forum I am not the only one who is having the same problem, so it has to be BoClean program that change something.


You can turn the auto update off, but this would require you to manually update BOClean by clicking the ‘check for update button’. The message only suggests it’s a firewall problem that is preventing access to the internet.



Do you have any other security apps which may prevent BOClean from updating in any way? Also, have you tried a reinstall of BOClean to see if that works?


I think that isn´t the solution of the problem. I think, this error message isn´t necessary. I don´t want turn the auto update off!!!


No other security application in real time
I may try to reinstall BoClean when I have time.
Thanks for help. :slight_smile:

i submitted a trouble ticket to support about this same issue. i got exactly the same error messages, even when i uninstalled and re-installed BOClean.

i finally decided the best thing to do is exactly what i did when CPF was giving me a hard time…uninstall it until such time as a new version is released that corrects the problems.

i am very glad i reinstalled CPF, as all the issues in earlier versions have been corrected. i am sure Comodo will correct the update problems in BOClean as soon as they release a new version. CPF is an excellent product, and i am sure BOClean will also be once the update problem is corrected.

if someone posts a work-around here, i will be happy to re-install BOClean and try again. it’s an excellent product and would like to use it as part of my security arsenal.

other security programs i have are A2Free, AdAware PE, Spybot Search and Destroy, Windows Defender, AVG Professional Edition (antivirus). i am running windows xp home edition SP2, IE7.

Thanks Philbee for letting me know because I hate uninstalling/re-installing programs for no reason.


Sorry, I can’t really say much on the reasoning for this message, as I’m not a BOC developer. I’m just a user like yourself who volunteers here. I’m sure someone will answer you who’s in a better position than me.


Thanks for your answers!

I hope BOC-programmerteam will solve the little BOC-problems.



I can do a manual update but auto update doesn’t work, no error messages. Auto update screen is enabled, set to 24hrs, 10mins after bootup. No proxies. Online within a minute of bootup.

I changed the update interval to 6 hrs, I figured that if I’m online less than 24 hrs from the last time it won’t update. The 10 mins after bootup only takes effect after this interval I assume.

Just installed Boclean,and it wont update—last update shows as 2007-4-19 :frowning: