"BOClean autoupdate problem!" error message box

I set BOClean to autoupdate 5 mins. after login. And when it is about to update 5 mins after login, an error message box appears (see attachment for screenshot). I receive no other error even if I keep my computer on for 2-3 days. I checked BOClean’s menu to see if it updates itself and I see that it updates itself regularly. I have had this error ever since I first installed BOClean. This only happens after the initial 5 mins. after Windows boot update.

My internet connection works fine for browsing, bittorrent, and AntiVir updates. My OS is Windows XP. BoClean is ver. 4.26, clean install.

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Hi freakish :slight_smile:

This is a little bug in BOClean that Kevin is already aware of :


But you could try the new TEST build of BOC246 :


Follow the instuctions carefuly, and let us know if that fixed it :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

OK, thanks. I will try this.