Boclean & antispyware

hi, hope this is not a silly question.(may i post this question here?)

what’s the difference between Boclean, antispyware, and antitrojan?

correct me if i was wrong,but isn’t spyware,adware,etc can be categorized as malware? and Boclean is a malware shield.
one more thing, i don’t know if my Boclean works fine or not, and there’s no on demand scan option available.somebody got opinion bout this?

Hi ganda and welcome to the forum :BNC

To answere ur question(s), i will have a try, spyware and malware in my opinion are being pushed into the same catagory,(many others may dissagree)but i find that antispyware/antivirus are now searching for the same badware.(my opinion)?Other more technically minded forum users my have a different take on this, defining exactly what is spyware/adware/malware ect…but nowadays with the way things are moving i think it all should come under the heading of BADWARE i.e a generall term for unwanted nasties in our computers.

Firstly if u have the BOclean icon in ur taskbar and it has a black monitor which turns green every 10 secs or so then it is active, another way to check is in task manager to see if u have BOC425.EXE and BOCore.exe .
No it dose not have an on demand scan launch that we are accustomed to, but works in an interly different way, boc is a memory monitor checking for changes to the codes of newly started processes.Boc for me is great as i use it as a backup to my A/V.

Hope this helps

Hi ganda

Maybe my first post was a bit missleading, so i will try to explain in a bit more detail…Firstly NO PRODUCT can offer to terminate all malware, this is just not possible.While boclean is an excellent software, it is advisable to use other software alonside boclean, thats not saying that boclean will not catch badware, but its best to adopt a layerd approach.I use boclean to back up my ANTIVIRUS incase any nasties happen to slip past my a/v, boclean should catch them.

A good antispyware product is required,(my opinion)…I like you also use pctools spywaredoctor, it is a great antispyware but like u i find it a bit taxing on system resources, i am currently on the search for a new antispyware that has good detection rates but its not so taxing on my system…you got to find the fine balance of a product that is light but offers great protection.I like to trail software and see how it work with my “setup” before comiting myself to it.

I am going to trial spyware terminator as i here some people are raving about it, i am told it has good detection rates and also has HIPS, so i am not suggesting it but u can try it…here is a link to the 1.9 version as 2.0 i have read, that there has been a few problems with it…Download Spyware Terminator Spyware Terminator 2012 for Windows -

I hope that i have made myself a bit clearer this time, so to sumup boclean is a great product that millions will testify to, in my opinion it is a must have with whatever ur setup is.
Novie :■■■■

Hi ganda (:WAV)

I appologise as i did not realise you were using CAV, for protection.Stay with CAV and BOClean, excellent protection.


Novieiam is correct, the combination of BOClean and CAVS will give anyone great protection, better still if you use CFP. The HIPS function of CAVS is a great first line defence, CFP is the best firewall available and BOClean will deal with most things CAVS and CFP might miss. When the new version of CAVS is ready and the next firewall version is released then there will be nothing better. I think the next six months could bring us all incredible protection from Comodo.


Not to confuse things, but for some time I ran both ST & CAVS, both with HIPS on, set to mid-grade protection. Other than popups for a little while, I didn’t have any conflicts between the two. Usually, ST popped before CAVS, and they didn’t seem to try to stop the other, or otherwise get in the way.


I agree. When Comodo bought BOC, that’s when I dropped ST.