BoClean and Vista

Today is May 2nd and I am trying to get a clear answer to installing BoClean with Vista. Here is the situation.
Two weeks ago I install the program with no problem and have been running it since. All of a sudden today I get an error message telling me that it has stopped working and there is no solution to getting it to work with Windows.
I uninstalled it and reinstalled it twice with the same results. If it had never worked then I would understand, but after two weeks for it to quit I can’t figure out. Anyone have a solution or answer?
Thanks Irv

Are you using an Administrator account, and did you click on the install EXE and select "run as administrator?

As I explained it has been running fine for a few weeks now…then the error message today?

Is UAC disabled?

No it is not disabled. Why would you disable it?,7641.msg59869.html#msg59869

... only thing I had to do was turn off the UAC and install under run as administrator. ... ... With the UAC turned on you will experience some BOC ... ... fixed yet, but since I always keep the UAC turned off it doesn't matter on my part. ...,8190.msg59490.html#msg59490
... have the UAC turned off. Now I'm not suggesting to ... ... Vista, others might . Anyway with the UAC turned off the updater problems go away ...,8504.msg61695.html#msg61695
... 98 and Vista ( As strangequark said : UAC was the biggest problem). So Melih told ...

In as much as this post is date May 1st I guess that I am to presume that BoClean will not run properly under Vista:

The current version 4.23 was also designed for 98, ME and Vista. But during the trial we did here before the official release there where some serious problems with 98 and Vista ( As strangequark said : UAC was the biggest problem). So Melih told us with the release that for now only 2000 and XP are supported ( I don’t know why not ME ), untill they have fixed the problems.

I guess htat I will wait until it’s fixed…
Thanks Irv

Tnx for the PM, Irv.

As ~cat~ pointed out in those links, there have been some unexpected issues arise with Vista and CBO. Initially it was planned to release with full Vista support - that was the primary objective (as I understand it). However, the pre-release here in the forums showed that there some previously-unknown issues. The application worked (and needed to be released under the new brand) so it was sent to the public officially as XP and W2K only.

Some users report that disabling UAC in Vista resolves various issues with CBO (and means they have to manually udpate). Obviously, UAC is one of the big things for Vista; without that, it doesn’t seem like it would be different from XP (to me, a non-Vista user…). I do not know why it would have worked for two weeks and then suddenly stop like this.

Have there been any updates or changes to Vista? AFAIK all that’s changed since the release, for CBO, is simply definitions updates. There might also have been some other change to your system - any updates to software, drivers, etc? And configuration changes?

You may certainly file a ticket with Support to see if they have any thoughts on it; the main Comodo Support page is here: You may also try uninstalling and reinstalling; perhaps it didn’t quite go right the first time, and it just took a while to figure out.

Sorry I don’t have a better answer for you.


Thank you for the prompt reply.
Now everyone will now exactly what is happening with BoClean and Vista. It’s possible that there was an update to Vista that caused my problem. Computers do funny things and have a mind of there own.
I will keep on checking back to see if there has been an update to 423. :THNK


I’ve been using BOC w/Vista long before it became a part of Comodo.

The UAC is such an annoying part of Vista.
You just have to do manual updates of BOC with the UAC turned on.

I keep it off but it has nothing to do with BOC.
There are other programs as well I’m starting to see that are having problems with the UAC turned on and that’s because it gets in the way of everything.
Any access to your own files and the UAC pops up, anything you try to download or uninstall and the UAC will popup, its like this one feature is completely taking over your PC.
Luckily you have the option to turn it off or keep it on, if there was no option I would trash Vista in a heart beat.

Now in my opinion I think the UAC is useless however for someone that doesn’t know what they are doing when trying to access files on their computer or trying to either download or uninstall something then the UAC may help them, may even save them from deleting something they shouldn’t have.
So it either comes down to one of two things, the UAC can be an annoyance, as such the case with me OR it can help someone that doesn’t know what they doing and just clicks yes or accepts everything that they see on their computer.
I look at UAC as “Users Annoying Control”

Hope this helps you some, just one users opinion of UAC.

I pretty much go along with everything JWILL has just said, I was also using Vista, betas and RCs, with Boclean long before Comodo took it over and to be honest could of handled doing manual updates without any problems, that wasn’t the main reason I turned UAC off. UAC is one of those things that could have been very handy unfortunately it turned into something that is annoying and almost useless. And it’s not that I wasn’t used to a program putting up warnings when you went to do certain things, I’ve used Processgaurd from the day it came out, still do on my XP machine, but there are big big differences between the two. Processgaurd monitored and alerted you to things that you wouldn’t normally know were going on and were potentially dangerous, and you could set permissions for things to run on a permanent basis or to ask every time, after the initial setup and a short learning period it was almost invisible, as it should be.
UAC on the other hand seems to miss what’s going on behind the scenes and alerts you to the obvious “are you sure you want to open the control panel” “what about copying and pasting this, you really sure you want to” … of course I’m *%&$ing sure I want to open the control panel I only told you that 5 minutes ago.
So again like JWILL not being able to shoot UAC would have been a problem for me. Not being able to install Processgaurd in Vista was almost a big problem for me as I’ve come to rely on it as one of my front line security apps. Maybe that’s something Comodo could think about as a future product, a processgaurd type program, that will work in Vista.

(:SAD) Why is this thread turning into a trash Microsoft thread??? Don’t like it?? Don’t use it.

I can’t see any trashing of MS in this thread at all, what I do see is a couple of posts pointing out the shortcomings of one small part of the OS which was touted as the saviour of every user and has fallen far short of it’s mark by a long way, namely UAC.

No one is trashing MS, there is ALOT more to MS than the UAC.
You have the option of keeping it on which it is by default or turning it off.
I was only offering you a solution to what may be causing you some trouble with BOC and that was to turn off the UAC, on the other hand if you want to keep it on thats fine, just prepare for alot of manual updates, thats all, for all I know the UAC may not even be your problem.

I’m also starting to see that people who use other security programs that are now making the move to Vista are seeing problems with the UAC also.
Are they trashing MS? No, its a fact that this feature interferes with anything being installed or removed from your operating system.

I apologize to you if I took your remark as “trashing Microsoft”. That was the way that I took it.

First off I do not feel that the UAC is the big deal that everyone is making it out to be. I have had it turned on and off and it’s not really a big deal to me.
The largest majority of users are novices. They do not and will not take the time to read or understand what it’s all about. I think that Microsoft had to do something to try to prevent them from self destruction. Some of us know that we can turn the feature on or off…the folks who this control was incorporated for do not. That’s a good thing in my opinion.

Secondly, I am not a novice user. I do not have the feature turned on, nor have I when installing software. In my humble opinion the program needs to work for those that do, and I’m sure that BoClean would agree with me.

I’m not sure what happened in my situation, except that I cannot get it installed. With all of the responses that I read I was unsure of the situation. Thus I PM’d Little Mac for a clarification. His excellent explanation I think will clarify it for everyone else like me that was unsure.
I will now sit back and await the update that will repair the problem.