Boclean and Prevx1

I did ask before, but got no reply. I have never used Boclean before, but have just installed it. Seems good at the mo. I dont want to overdo my progs running in the background so-is it necessary to continue running my Prevx1?

If so, why?



This is my take… for what it is worth!

It largely depends on what else is on your system. If you are using firefox (noscript), have a decent AV and a firewall with some HIPS capability (e.g. OA V2, or Comodo) + BOclean, then having prevx1 on your system as well is not adding much (in ABC mode especially!).

Prevx1 is pretty! I like it, the problem is (from what I read) it doesn’t seem to be as effective in what it does as more dedicated software. On the plus side, it does require less user knowledge. In most other software, when a pop-up says, X is using Y to do this that and the other, many users do not know what this means. With Prevx1, at least this decision is made for you!!! This is why I have it on my wife’s PC (pro mode), along with AVS. At least there is outgoing firewall control + detection. I used to have CFP on her PC, but the pop-ups just caused confusion (dont tell her I said that (:WIN)). CFP V3 may well resolve this with it’s safelist. By-the-way, I added BOclean to her system today!

If you want free protection I would go for…

AOL AVS or Antivir
Comodo FW pro

Plus perhaps

a-squared (free) for on demand scan

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the reply Roy.Interesting answers you gave.

Im useing AVG Pro Anti virus with Firewall, and AVG Anti Spyware, and just put in Boclean, so I guess I dont really need Prevx1?


Probably not! But it aint half pretty! I don’t think AVG firewall is as good as some mind you… check this out… you may wish to switch it off & download comodo!


I’m amazed at the response to this question.
Prevx1 in Expert Mode, once trained, is an excellent security tool. And it keeps getting better and better.
I’ve been using CPF for awhile now and have found that it too is good after training.
Just downloaded BoClean yesterday and am not sure if I’ll be keeping it.
Prevx1 and BoClean are co-existing very nicely.
BoClean needs to be more refined before I would even start to think about discarding any of my other security programs.
The little icon in the tray does not always open when right clicked or left double clicked.
The configuration screen is a little hard to read because the letters/numbers are so small. Would be nice if you included a simple way to increase text size because it doesn’t respond to the Windows increased text size adjustment like most other programs.
The Menu doesn’t always close right away when the proper box is clicked.
The version number is NOT on the top, middle or bottom of the menu box contrary to your statement.
Possibly your online Comodo/BoClean Help/Setup site would be easier for people to use if you had all that text either on the left or right of the page so that we could read it while making the adjustments to the program. The configuration box would fit on most screens next to the text of your site.
You may think all of this is minor. Maybe it is.
These details can make the difference between a good product or a great one.
So stop hanging out in the Journal Square Bus Station and fix this.
You do good work.
Now do better.

I was just reading up on Prevx and I find the purchase plan very interesting. Detection is free, but once the first infection is blocked or removed “you must buy a license to continue using Cleanup. If you choose not to buy a license, you will not be able to use Prevx1 for removing or blocking malware, but you can stiil carry on using detection for free.”

I’m wondering how many people buy the license and if not, how effective would the app be without the cleanup function. :-\

HIPS— Prevx1, which you can set & forget belongs to this category— are very effective against all types of malware, including zero-day & morphing stuff. Signature-based security apps are less so.

I haven’t had the experience of “cleaning up” with it, hence no need to pay for it— although I would have no objection in doing so. It’s an excellent measure.


Prevx1 did not play well on my system which is a pity because I would like a decent HIPS program. I got rid of Cyberhawk for the following reasons: too many FPs, it flagged CBOC for example and it was causing significant system drag.

I’m looking forward to the new CPF with enhanced HIPS though I’ll probably wait a bit before installing to give Comodo a chance to iron out the bugs. I have high hopes for this firewall.

I hear that there may be a sandbox feature in it as well. It would be great if we have the option of not installing some features such as the projected Sandbox. I’m very happy using Sandboxie, such an efficient, simple and elegant program. It runs seamlessly for me and I won’t be changing my sandbox anytime soon.

Cheers all.

Not sure if the conflict on my machine was between Prevx1 and CBOC though I rather it was. In any case, I kept CBOC and dumped Prevx1 and all is well again.