BOClean and Autoupdate

Hi, I had to uninstall BOClean because it said that its database was corrupt. I downloaded and installed a new version and now a few minutes after boot up I get a message that says “Problem with autoupdate”. The message does not say what the problem is so can anyone tell me how to find out what it is and, more importantly, what to do about it, please?

If I right click on the icon in the notification area to get the menu and then click on “Check for update” I get a message saying that I have the latest update so perhaps it is updating despite the ‘problem’

Anyone any ideas about what is going on?

Many thanks

Hi Chriscs :slight_smile:

If you do a Manual Update and reboot, you still have the same message ? Does it give an Error number ?

Greetz, Red.

Hi Rednose,

I always get the message if I do a manual update and then reboot.

It doesn’t give an error number - just a small window saying “BOClean autoupdate problem” the window is very small and gives the path to BOClean which is D:|Comodo\CBOclean

It seems to be updating because when I try it manually it says when the last update was and it is always the same day that I try and do it manually.

Is there more to uninstalling BOClean than just using its uninstaller? I needed to uninstall Comodo CFP a while ago and had to go to some considerable lengths to do it because the uninstaller didn’t uninstall everything, so that when I tried to re-install it it kept saying that CFP was already installed. Perhaps the same thing has happened with BOClean??

Hi Chriscs :slight_smile:

Ok, now it is clear to me. This is a little bug in BOClean that Kevin is already aware of :;msg156856#msg156856

Btw I will email Kev to ask him when we can expect a fix :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Many thanks Rednose. I am glad it is nothing serious. Thanks for going to the trouble of finding out about it.