BOClean+ 5.00 Standalone

Just look at the subject above!

No further commenting on this here… :slight_smile:

ol’ REBOL me…

Greetz @Melih!

Give us some hope again, man!

Hey Morph,

Welcome back - you’ve been missed mate! :wink:

It (BOClean 5 standalone) unfortunately won’t happen (AFAIK), but we’re all glad you came back to post this.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hi Ewen, ol’ mate,

thanks for your nice words!

Really feels good to read one of the dinosaurs first. :slight_smile:

Indeed, the message that BOClean was to be discontinued made me come back here…

Maybe I’m the only one of those infamous survivors to be able to tickle Melih way a bit until he finally gives in?

Melih? I’d know where to tickle anyone in the meanest way, believe me! :slight_smile:

Ewen, you SAID (how SAD) that “BOClean 5 standalone” won’t ever happen…

No problem with me (!), as I was actually referring to “BOClean+ 5.00 Standalone” which obviously makes a huge difference (to me, at last) :slight_smile:

Don’t worry. Be happy.

BOClean+ 5.00 Standalone will be the NEXT thing in comp sec dev.
Believe me (I’m a dreamer, I know this, no need to tell me…)

Big cheers anyway…

The old male hag.