Boclean 4.27 crashes

Boclean 4.27 has encountered a problem and needs to close… The only way I get it to work again is to uninstall and reinstall Boclean.Just to have it crash again. It shows up in event veiwer as a APP. error with a fault address of 0x00019ab3. Boclean just started doing this 4 days ago. I am running Windows XP Home SP3. Up unitll a few days ago Boclean had worked perfect for months.

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What other security software are you using ??? Did you install/upgrade any ( security ) software at the time this problem started ???

Greetz, Red.

Greetings! I’m the author … strange one indeed since the address it’s complaining about is outside of the address range that BOClean itself “lives” in … apps tend to load at 0x00400000 and higher, and that number is below which suggests that something else which is designed to “monitor” proggies is what actually “kissed the sidewalk.” Rednose is likely onto something in that it’s likely to be another security program. When this occurs, is the BOClean traybar icon black, red, green or blue when it walks off the cliff on you? That might be a starting point as to the mystery. It’s definitely a sign that something changed there as of “four days ago” based on the date of your original post. Microsoft did an “out of sequence emergency update” on Thursday (two days prior) which has caused some interesting side effects, but obviously your situation happened two days earlier than that. Only thing that turns up in my research is someone named “Rick Beach” over on CNET with a similar, but a reinstall (according to them) solved it. Wish I had a hip-pocket answer to this one for you.

Something to try just for laughs and giggles would be a “system restore rollback” to a day or more before the date you noted any “mysterioso” (set a “restore point” for “today” just in case it doesn’t help so you can come back) but possibly something else went sideways on there on ya … “system restore” has magical powers sometimes when someone’s update gets corrupted which is a possibility there …

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Thanks for the reply’s. I have been out of town for a few days. I am the person who posted at the CNET forurms also. When I first posted there, Boclean had crashed many times in a few days before the post. I would have to uninstall and reinstall to make it again. On 10-21 08 it crashed and I unistalled it and left it out. On 10-25-08 I reinstalled it and posted here for some help. So far it has been working fine.Now here is my thought’s on what may have caused the problem… I use the program OpenDNS. About the time Boclean started crashing was when I installed there OpenDNS Updater program,which was enabled to start at boot up. On the last reinstall of Boclean,I disabled the auto start of the OpenDNS Updater!! This is the only"program" change I had done to my puter.Now that I am home and will be on the computer everyday, I am going to leave OpenDNS Updater disabled until this weekend and see if Boclean stays working??? If so ,I am going to reenable the autostart and see if Boclean start’s crashing again… Will let you know what happens in few days…

Rick(aka) 3FR1

Well I don’t know what caused boclean to crash and my never know …But everything is reinstalled and/ or reenabled as before the crashes started and all is working fine…