boclean 4.26 with vista service pack1

Goodday Xan!

Vista firewall control is a slim architecture firewall wich is controlling the advanced filtering options of the build in vista firewall, though it is not better than cfp 3.0 (far away from better).

It could be that the firewall was interfering with the update fetching feature of boclean, but I do not think this is the case:

  • bocleans problems occure also when absolutely no firewall is active or installed!
  • boclean problems occured when I had CFP 3.0 installed (And boclean was set as a trusted application)

Hope this makes things more clearer,

Okey wish you a nice day!


As far as I know. Comodo Verification Engine is only xp / 2000 compatible, then again it’s been awhile since I last used it.

I do not agree with you. There has been a new version of VE released a while ago, it has this version number: And this version works fine on vista. The version before this one also works great on vista!

Have a nice day!