boclean 4.26 with vista service pack1

This is my first post in this section of the forum.

Lately i am having some problems with boclean 4.26 it doesn’t load automatically on start up and when i clcik it to start manually i get an error message saying that the database is corrupted, then when I want to fetch a new update it says i already having the latest update. This wasn’t the case before I had sp1.

I am running the following securityprograms:

CFP (I also have a lot of problems with this program see the firewall section of the forum)
AVG 8.0 Free (that is including avg antispyware module)
Windows defender
Verification engine (the latest version)
Hitman pro 2.6 (is not running in the background)
A-squared antimalware free (not running in the background)
Ad-aware 2007 (not running in the background)
Super-antispyware Free (not running in the background)
Spybot search and destroy (not running in the background)
Spywareblaster (not running in the background)
Spyware doctor 5.0 (not running in the background)

Could someone please help me!! also check my other topic (comodo firewall pro with vista sp1)

Please check the screenshots to understand what I mean

I am counting on your replies…

oh yeah i am running vista home premium with sp1

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i have been done some research on my own and dived in to the programfiles folder, clicked on the comodofolder and then clicked on the boclean folder. Then i checked every application to run as administrator and the doubleclicked on boc426.exe and it worked! I now see the icon in the taskbar. Then i clicked on bocore.exe and i saw a coomandline prompt, i waited to go away and it did. But when i checked the processlist i didn’t see bocore.exe listed and i think it really should be there!!

Please see the screenshots for more information, and any help is welcome to make sure boclean is running normally as it should run.

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Did you try to reinstall Boclean?


I think I will try that again, but I am not sure if the problems will go away because i did several times a install and a reinstall of the program. I think the problem is more fundamental either my machine or with the software of boclean. However I doubt that last one, because a lot of people don’t have the problems I have.

I think I need to delete al of the traces of boclean, with a commercial programme or manually.

Maybe I will reinstall my complete system…

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I just uninstalled boclean because it did not start up with windows like the other programs do, so I uninstalled it. It is too bad because i really liked the program it gave me a good feeling of security I feel a bit naked without the program. I hope the developers of boclean come up with a better version of the program.

For me it just ends here.

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P.S: Also check my other topic it is called comodo firewall pro with sp1 click here: or just paste the adress in your adressbar of your browser if you can’t click on the link.

Do you guys see a little solution for a tiny chance to install it nicely on my pc??

I actually like the program and do want it to install it again, but it just fails working right every time.

Any helpfull replies are much appreciated!

Have a nice day folks!

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This should be a fix which I saw somewhere,

(install of course)

If it gives the problem, shutdown boclean and do a manual update.

This should fix it


Thanks for your reply Xan,

I think I will try that and hope it will work out better than before!

I like the comodo products and I like boclean so I am off to try it again!

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Hi all!

I just decided not to install boclean again I know it will not work smoothly because I tried installing several times. I dont think installing and reinstalling is a good way to solve problems, however I do aknowdledge that is a step that is needed to try because it does solve problems, but I doubt the effectiness in this case.

I will wait til comodo make better products otherwise no problem I can use other products or just be verry carefull while using the pc.

Okey! Have a nice day folks!

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HI all!

I just want to say to you guys that I like boclean! I LIKE it! you read??? okey good!

Now having said that, I say I dont like the error messages like this: Boclean database is corrupted! You read that??? okey, good!

Well I was in the presumption that boclean has a redesign which would make a corrupted data base almost history!!! The reality shows me that boclean has far more corrupted databases than version 4.25!!

Could someone explain to me why this is???

Any helpfull replies are much aprreciated!!

Okey, wish you a nice day!!!

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HI! (me again)

I just want to tell you guys if you saw this:

Okey, have a nice day!!

Did you try the way I explained? Because this seems to fix it with most of the people.


Hi triple :slight_smile:

Can you update manualy ? Go to Start, All Programs, Comodo, Comodo BOClean, Updater and click that. If it updates successfully it will say so, if not it will produce an Error number. Post that Error number :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

HI all!

Thanks Experience and Rednose for your replies.

Experience: Yes I tried that, it is not solving the problem.
Rednose: Okey, I have tried that Rednose, but I will try that again.

Please check the screenshots in this topic, it will clear out a lot of stuff!

okey, wish you guys a nice day!

  1. Waarom zitten we in het engels te praten als we allemaal nederlands spreken ? 88)

Heb je toevallig nog andere security producten zoals Kaspersky ofzo (enig welke: antivirus/spyware/trojan of firewall ofzo?)


English : Do you have any other security programs installed ? (like kaspersky or something?)

Maybe because this is an International Forum 88) For Dutch you can go here :

You should know that Xan :P0l

Greetz, Red.

I know that, but still it’s not against the forum policy, we’re here to help people in whatever wich language. I know that you should actually post in the dutch part but still, I believe that it’s better. In this way we can give better and more comprehensive help.


HI all!

Thanks for your reply Xan,

I am not really Dutch actually, I use a Dutch interface because I bought the pc in the Netherlands, I have a vista with an English interface, it is vista Business, maybe I will install that. But that is only when problems can’t be solved anymore and a reinstall is the best option, glad I have not passed that stage yet.

About your question:

Right now my vista machine has the following security programs installed:

Security programs that are active in the memory (background)

  • AVG 8.0 Free
  • Comodo Verification Engine
  • Comodo Memory firewall
  • Windows defender
  • Vista firewall control (free version)

Security programs that are installed on my system

  • AD-Aware 2007
  • Spybot search and destroy
  • Spyware doctor
  • Spywareware blaster
  • Asquared antimalware
  • Super antispyware
  • Hitman pro

I did use the kaspersky online scan engine and used onecare online scanner of Microsoft.

I hope this clears out a bit for you.

okey, Wish you a nice day!


HI Xan!

Do you think you can give some helpfull solutions with the information I gave you?

To all the others: Any helpfull replies are much appreciated!

okey, Have a nice day folks!


  1. I’m wondering : what Vista firewall control ?

Could it be that it’s stops or corrupt the update of Boclean ?