BOClean 4.25

When I check for updates the update window opens then after a short time closes - without telling me that there are no new updates. I’m sure ver 4.24 did inform me that there were no update or that I had the latest, cannot remember what used to happened.

Same here; it used to say ‘you have the latest update’ or ‘downloading updates’ or something along those lines. Just closes now.

Mine tells me I have the latest.

Hi folks! Absolutely nothing was changed other than two lines of code inside the BOC42x.exe file itself. That’s where the problem resided. ALL of the other files simply had their resource information changed to reflect the new version number, nothing at ALL was changed in the code. What I suspect is going on (unless Microsoft did something with their recent updates) is that the COMODO servers are bailing out faster than usual as a result of so MANY downloads as a result of this necessary replacement and that “result” screen sits in place until the server disconnects which used to average about 3-4 seconds in the past. I’ve noted that once the update download is done, COMODO’s servers bail out FAST today. REALLY fast!

So this might go away … in a few days. Might not, dunno. Don’t do “server farm” anymore. :slight_smile:

Yes, mine works now, said ‘nothing to download’ but it didn’t work earlier.

Just seen Kevin’s post as I was typing.

Thanks for all the hard work Kevin! :slight_smile:

Moo! =)

Yes, I’m also getting a reply now.
Thanks for the prompt replies.

Wish I could say the update window is back to functioning normally, but I can’t.

I see that a few users have said that eventually the updater window returns to normal, so of course I will wait.

When I read that, “Absolutely nothing was changed other than two lines of code inside the BOC42x.exe file itself”, I have to wonder… because I went from 4.22 (where all was perfect) to 4.25, (where all is not perfect), which looks a lot like change.

Hopefully it is just busy “COMODO servers bailing out faster than usual”.