BOClean 4.25 uses very high CPU Cycle

Ever since I upgraded BOClean to v.4.25 I noticed my CPU running hot.

  • This starts as soon as I launch any internet related app.
  • The Tray Icon of BOC remains green.
  • Even If I terminate all internet related apps BOClean still uses high CPU cycle around 80-90%.
  • Right click on icon pops up menu but it freezes and an hour glass pointer is shown if I it move it over BOC Menu.


As soon as I kill BOC45.exe process in task manager, CPU cools down.

Other security/anti-virus apps are Comodo Firewall and AVG Free ani-virus. Once a week I check my sysem with Spybot it turns out clean in Spybot and AVG as well.

Please help.

Ever since I upgraded BOClean to v.4.25

This was recently?
Was Spybot’s Teatimer running/active when you installed CBOC?
You may need to uninstall and then re-install either in safe mode or at least with your other security apps disabled.

Edit: some interesting threads on “green” icon…;id=1549

This was recently?
Yes. Previously I was running older version of BOC. I did uninstal it first before installing new version.
Was Spybot's Teatimer running/active when you installed CBOC?
No. No TeaTimer.

I read some other threads and had set BOC to update 4 minutes after startup. Prolem remained.

Today I killed the process and started it again manually 30 minutes later. Now its behaving properly. :SMLR

Kind Regards