BOClean 4.25 running at 98% CPU [RESOLVED]


Installed this the other day and after a while I noticed my PC became unresponsive, I checked Process Explorer and saw BOClean was hogging all the CPU. The only way to shut down BOClean is to kill the process.

This doesn’t happen from boot, but some time into the PC being on. It’s happened 3 times now, I’ve un installed then re installed but the same thing happened.

I had un installed 4.24 before installing 4.25

4.24 worked fine on my rig.

There is nothing in Event Viewer.

XP Home
Comodo Firewall
Comodo Memory Guardian


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The only thing that changed in BOClean 4.25 from the earlier 4.24 is two lines of code which handle memory allocation. Certainly wouldn’t cause threadlock like that. I know that COMODO is taking care of letting their apps know about BOClean - might want to send a copy to the NOD folks and let them know it’s OK and is a new version - they might not yet be aware of it since they use an MD5 for known stuff. It’s most likely either the firewall or memory guardian or NOD32 hammering it. But nothing of any circumstance has changed in 4.25 other than the MD5 which seems to be the big magic of how a lot of preventatives do things nowadays, and it’s probably just a matter of a couple of days for things to catch up.

I’ll let OUR people know about it if you can let NOD know about it … but definitely ain’t BOClean other than it being an unknown new version I’ll bet …

this happened to me with 4.24 (only once tho) i also have nod32 installed

have not had it happen again since installing 4.25

Thanks for the swift reply Kevin. I’ll post it up in the NOD forums at Wilders…

I’ve added BOClean to the NOD exclusion list and will see if that makes a difference.

The NOD people have always been pretty cooperative about it, and yes … the way NOD works if it sees something new it’ll hammer it. But before I go torturing the kids there, just want to be sure it isn’t any of our stuff though I expect our people already updated. But excluding the entire BOClean folder has usually solved any squirreliness in the past until they’ve caught up to having a sniff at each new BOClean. :slight_smile:

So busy reading the thread, forgot to also mention that it could also be an install problem seen in this thread:

Look for my response there about whether or not BOCORE is running or not … could be this as well.

I did a reboot, looked at the system info and the bocore is running. About 5 minutes later BOClean started to use 90 odd % of the CPU and I checked the system info again and bocore was still running.

Had to kill the process to end it.

Will try a re install later and report back.

Thanks again.

I have the same problem, althoug the BOC425.EXE is than about 40 - 50% CPU. Never had that with earlier versions. I just did a reinstall with a registery clean-up and 2 reboots and every protection software shut off.

A question : Is it possible that Comodo Memory Guardian was interfering with CBOClean, or the installation of CBOClean? Because that is the only other software I recently installed. For now I shut it off and disabled it from starting up on booting to see what happens.

Greetz, Red.

UPDATE : More than an hour after rebooting and still no problems. I get hope again :slight_smile:

UPDATE 2 : After 3 hours of intensive pc use still no problems, CBOClean is working well. I will keep Comodo Memory Guardian off untill tomorrow, just to be sure :slight_smile:

UPDATE 3 : I started up Comodo Memory Guardian, and everything goes well :slight_smile:

UPDATE 4 : I do beleve Kevin was right :

Suggest that you uninstall 4.25, do a reboot to ensure that everything goes away. Then shut down [ your virus scanner ] and the other [ real-time protection] stuff (disconnect the network if it makes you feel safer) and install as admin. That SHOULD solve it once you do a reboot after the reinstall ... but somehow BOClean is unable to connect to its kernel driver and the system is going into "contention" trying to do so. A reinstall should do the trick. Sorry for missing the symptoms, ain't seen this one in a while ...

From here :;msg81157#msg81157

OK, since adding the BOClean folder to the NOD32 exclusion list and running the PC for a day or two, including a few reboots, the problem has gone. The CPU ‘spike’ when BOClean does it’s check every ten seconds is a healthy 4.6-up from 3.something but that’s perfectly fine.

Thanks to all who replied. (R)

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