BOClean 4.25 no tray icon

I just installed BOClean 4.25 and the tray icon failed to appear. Removal and reinstall didn’t fix it. I did a default install not tinkering with any settings. I acts as if the tray icon has been disabled as both core and 4.24 show up as active processes. Anyone no how to enable the icon ?

thank you

Did you restart your computer like it asked you to?

Thank you for prompt response. Yes I had restarted the computer at least twice, probably more, but I tried again on your recommendation and it worked. Go figure. I don’t understand what happened but But who cares I’d been mucking with this for hours thanks again :slight_smile: Now the only odd feature is that the Comodo directory opens a window on the desktop every time I restart the computer.

edit : Well hmm - I apparently jumped the gun - it’s disappeared again. I disabled Spybot teatimer in an effort to see if it was related to the directory appearing and the BOClean tray icon disappeared again. I’ll tinker aroud a bit more and try and figure out what is happening.

edit2: Uncertain what is going on, but killing and restarting the BOC425.exe process caused the icon to reappear so I may leave it at that (for now at least).

Spybot’s Teatimer has been a problem child since the first day it was released.
It doesn’t play well with others. :smiley:
It’s advisable to disable it during the installation of other programs at the very least.
I personally advise leaving it disabled as any benefits seem to be outweighed by problems.

I went through it all with support (they were helpful, and their advice always resulted in the tray icon appearing until I rebooted, when it again went missing)… A few days later I was changing font size ( Display-> properties-> appearance → and changed from normal to large font). The tray icon started appearing, even across a reboot! One has to love Windows, not.

Alas, a few reboots later and the tray icon is again missing, and see my other thread about BOCLean not being able to deal with non-default font sizes.

Have you tried installing CBOC without teatimer running?

After playing around, it seems if I manually start BOClean after boot, the tray icon is always there. If I autostart BOClean the results are pseudo-random whether the tray icon displays or not.

Perhaps if comodo could put an X second startup delay option in the config?


I’m on FIC AM35/ AMD AthlonXP1700+ /1GB Corsair DDR/Nividia G3force3 Ti200/ XPproSPII +M$_Updates/ Nod32_Full Version / SnoopFree Privacy Shield 1.0.2 / SpywareGuard /Blaster.
I’ve just installed CBO_v.4.25.001 fully Updated & I’m here to say that I too am seeing problems with CBO’s tray icon not appering. I don’t have Spybot installed but I will tell You what I have done in an effort to see if I could locate the offending/conflicting program:

My first thought was that Nod32 might be blocking CBO so I set Nod to exclude the CBO Folder & each of the files inside the CBO folder “Long Filenames as well as Short Filenames”
(a quick google on the aforementioned will explain why both long & short need to be added as exclusions)
Anyway that did no good so then I decided to remove the exclusions from Nod32 & reboot then kill CBO_v.4.25.001 from within Process Explorer & relaunch it from the start menu & of course the CBO tray icon did appear & with Nod32 still running.
Then I Uninstalled Nod32 & rebooted to see if that would help CBO’s tray icon (No Good)
So I started uninstalling all My other Protective/Privacy Software SnoopFree Privacy Shield/ SpywareGuard /Blaster to see if maybe one of those programs were conflicting & in short the answer is No!!
It was at that point that I Googled the issue & found this thread & realized how previlant the issue must be.

So it’s My notion that it’s CBO itself that is having a problem loading the tray Icon & it’s not the fault of any of my other security software & yes a termination & relaunch of CBO may very well be a workaround for the issue but in all fairness it shouldn’t be nessecary.
But I’m not here condeming, I’m just submitting My steps in an effort to help with what I’m sure will be yet another quality program that Comodo has made available to Us the public for free!

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Read this article :

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