BOClean 4.25 found trojan DLDR-Agent.aqf in CFPUPDAT.exe of Comodo Firewall 3.0.

Hi all,

Comodo BOClean (v4.25) just found and stopped a trojan (DLDR-Agent.aqf) and removed the infected file - the file was CFPUPDAT.exe of Comodo Firewall v.

What? Is Comodo infected? How disturbing to have one Comodo product bust another! And I thought version 3 was soooo the bee’s knees. Is there some Achilles Heel in the product? Anyone else heard anything like this?

Anyway, now I cannot update the firewall, as cfupdate.exe has been removed as infected by BOClean. What is the best solution here? …look for a clean cfpupdat.exe. or reinstall the whole product? …the thing is, this is a fairly new install & I think the latest version -

I’m troubled because it seems either the original download package installer is carrying the infected file, OR, CFP 3 cannot protect even itself?

Any input from anyone?

-Best Regards,

Nick Molchanoff

Incredible! Take a look. Like you, but the trojan in System 32:

BOClean 4.25 report:

12/19/2007 04:17:10: DLDR-AGENT.AQF MALWARE STOPPED by BOCLEAN! Trojan horse was found in memory. C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\USERINIT.EXE contained the trojan. Active trojan horse WAS shut down. System now safe. Logged in user: casa

It’s the first time in my life I got a Trojan. Maybe it’s not. What do you think? Not any other answer yet… :slight_smile:
Javier Yearson


Yes, my userinit.exe also came up as infected on the next boot after the original find in cfpupdat.exe.

Perhaps we happened across the same bad site or file…?

oh wait … just found this thread:

Check it out - it looks like it is probably/ most likely - a false positive in the latest update of BOClean…

Best Regards,

Nick M.

There’s another topic concerning this issue at:;msg118609

Hope this helps…

Just installed latest version from Comodo site 2001-12-19 15.20.33 no problem after reboot

Wish I’d found this thread before doing a clean instal of Windows XP, along with sp2, and a hundred or so updates. (:SAD)

Anyway, I also downloaded a fresh copy of BOClean 4.25, and everything’s all right again, with no warning screens at all.

See you all later, then. Jim. (R)

The same thing happend to me…I deleted the file userinit.exe and it shut my computer down. I could not even start in safe mode. had to format and reinstall windows ax…watch out