BOClean 4.24 next version

To all the testers.

I got a pm from Kevin that a next version of 4.24 is on the ftp server. In this version ONLY a bug in the rollback function is fixed :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Mine says 4.2.1, izzat the same as yours?

Aw krimminy. :frowning:

THIS is why I’ve always preferred to do testing among my own groups prior to handing out new versions publicly … OK … let’s backtrack here … it says 4.24.001 simply because it’s GOING to be the “first public release” … the ACTUAL version is 4.24.notyet … there is no “1” or “2” here … PUBLIC relases get those kinda version numbers, not “internal testing” … and while PSC had a LOYAL following amongst testers that NEVER hit forums with the results of “testing” prior to a release, I’ve certainly learned some painful lessons myself here, even worse than the previous lessons of “Pssssst.” :frowning:

People were invited to a PRIVATE testing on a basis of “you had a problem with 4.23, let’s see if we can fix it” versus “public beta releases” which is something we never DID at PSC … when we had customers who had encountered problems, they went to the TOP of our list of “you had a problem with the old one, are you willing to try this one just to see if we’ve got it fixed?” PUBLIC testing of “test code” ends up having rather negative results as though it was some sort of FORMAL release and instead of being able to dedicate my time to making sure that the CODE is right with PRIVATE feedback on where this and that stands, I’m now spending my time on the forums INSTEAD of writing “fix code” … doesn’t anyone realize how COUNTERPRODUCTIVE this “back and forth” all is instead of “whoops,l better fix it and continue carrying on” instead of having to stop in the middle of coding to see “what are they whining about NOW?” Sorry, wish some folks would grasp MY perspective on all this - time on the forums is time NOT* fixing things. :frowning:

VERSION number 4.24.anything won’t matter UNTIL it’s a formal release … and 4.24.001 will BE that. Version numbers will change once I hand off a WORKING BOClean to COMODO … right now, I still HAVEN’T … and that’s the bottom line. And the code JUST got replaced again because in all my distractions over the complaints and issues, the “fix” uploaded was NOT the fix … sorry for whining, but this whole thing is definitely NOT the way we used to do things when we were more “reliable” … but then my own group of testers kept things quiet and PRIVATE until we had things working properly with a new version. Having to attend a “rumors and questions” convention never used to get in the way of things needed to be done. :frowning:

No offense intended to anyone … but time is time - all a matter of WHERE such a precious commodity is spent. Forums? or CODE? Forum been winning and that means no code. :frowning:

Soz about that Kevin. If you’d mentioned that in your email I’m sure there would have been no posts on the forums.

Will refrain from adding any new posts.

JJ :slight_smile:

Nah … I’ve just gotten SO used to the mentality … that’s why PSC went out of business since you can’t compare BOClean to Ewido and in doing so, we lost every time because we didn’t find worthless, stupid cookies like one antimalware and didn’t scan files like so many others, and because we simply HAD to fit into someone elses’ box and so BOClean failed the comparison because we weren’t AVG. just irks me that there is no ROOM among preconceived mindsets of “scan and report” is all you ever need. And arguing that “your antivirus should have done that - an AV, a firewall and BOCLEAN to pick up whatever missed” was NEVER part of any “testing” because the TESTERS never had a freaking clue. But OH the wastes of time with folks expecting us to be something else. We’d have had some CODE done by now were it not for the neverending distractions which do NOT result in new code. :frowning:

I am sorry Kevin.

Because you said in your pm to me you went to bed, I just tried to be helpfull by posting it here. Here at Comodo everybody is so used to public beta testing that it didn’t crossed my mind it would upset you. Lets say the intension of everybody here is to help you the best we can. Please tell us next time how you would like it. And again sorry for the inconveniance.

Greetz, Red.