BOClean 4.24 corrupted

I finally got around to re-installing BoClean 4.24 after all the issues the previous versions were having. Things seemed to be working fine for awhile and then all of a sudden I got the “BOClean has encountered an error and needs to shut down message.” Fine, so I rebooted, tried the updater and got some more messages saying 4.24 was corrupt. It then told me to check for a solution on a Comodo web page that no longer exists (404 error.) I did manage to save the url:

I think the only recent changes on my system were Firefox & Thunderbird updates and if they were the cause of BOClean’s breakdown, then it makes me lose even more faith with BOClean.

So, for now, BOClean has been removed from my WINXP SP2 system, probably for a long time. I was a paid user for years and have tried to be patient with the change over but its been nothing but problems with this software since Comodo took over.

I still use Comodo’s firewall which has been flawless on my system (although I do laugh at the new"beta that never was") and I’ll keep checking on newer versions of BOClean, but for now, the problems outweigh it’s usefulness. I know Kevin is much too busy to babysit this software like he used to and that’s completely understandable. I’ll look forward to his new projects when they come out.

Don’t think it’s anything to do with Firefox or Thunderbird updates as I use both those here on XP.
Had no problems with BOClean here at all since I installed it a few weeks ago.
Great Program. :slight_smile:
Guess there will be someone along who will diagnose your problem later.
Good luck,

Interesting…I got an email notification that shows Rednose replied to this thread, but when I come here, his reply is gone.

I guess he deleted it for some reason.

I said that I don’t think that your problem has to do with CBOClean 4.24 , because Kevin explained earlier to us that CBOClean’s version 4.24 is pretty much the same as Nsclean’s version 4.22 . So if version 4.22 worked for you, version 4.24 should be too :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

P.S. You don’t have to come here so see what I replied, you can read that in the email too :wink:

I too am having problems with Bo Clean 4.24 updater, when I try to update a message says the updater has encountered a problem & needs to close.
I have also updated Firefox& Thunderbird

Well, like MikeG I have no problems either with the latest updates of Firefox and Thunderbird or CBOClean :-\

Greetz, Red.

Oh, and in case anyone should ask, there were no problems with Opera 9.21 and 9.22 updates which came out a couple of days ago.

I think poor old BOClean does get blamed for a lot of problems that it has nothing to do with!


So let’s see here…I get a message saying BOClean has encountered an error and has to close. I try to update and can’t because it says BOClean is corrupted and then sends me to a non-existent Comodo help page in order to help me with my problem. You then try to tell me that you don’t think my problem has to to with BOClean even though that’s the only thing that is giving me problems.

Your logic sounds a bit illogical to me. As far as what you claim Kevin has said, I’ve noticed over the years that whenever a problem would pop up, Kevin would blame just about every program on my PC EXCEPT for BOClean. Of course he would provide a custom version of BOClean just to fix the “other guys” problem. Now, I’m not knocking him, BOClean is his baby and I can understand him getting a little defensive over it but I didn’t always buy “it’s the other guys fault” excuse. I didn’t care at the time because he always fixed the problem and his customer service was second to none. He genuinely cared about each and every customer and made sure all of our problems were fixed. I have a great deal of respect for him for that very reason.

I know that, so why did you delete your original post? It’s kind of hard to reply to your comments when you delete them.

How long have you used BOClean? If you were a paid user like I was and have used it for years, you would know that since Comodo took over, the number of problems with the program have skyrocketed. That is no co-incidence. I’ve had more issues with this program in the months that Comodo took over than I ever had in the many years when it was a PSC product.

I suggested that maybe updates to Thunderbird and Firefox could’ve had something to do with it because that’s the only thing that changed, other than the normal NOD32 a/v updates, which I’ve also used in combination with BOClean for years. NOD32 didn’t crash, BOClean did. Thunderbird didn’t crash, BOClean did. Firefox didn’t crash, BOClean did. Xnews didn’t crash, BOClean did. IE7 didn’t crash, BOClean did. Opera didn’t crash, BOCLean did. Comodo’s firewall didn’t crash, BOClean did.

Shall I continue? I know this is a Comodo forum and people here are trying to be helpful but the lengths to which they defend BOClean and try to blame something else is just mind-boggling. If my car has a flat tire, I don’t blame it on the new spark plugs I put in.

Rant off for today.

I am sorry m8, but what is your problem ?

If you want know : I deleted the post because I wanted to add something, but we got visitors and I decided it was better to think it over and to post it later.

If you have a problem with CBOClean your best option is to contact Kevin.

Greetz, Red,

Then what exactly is this forum for? Should it be deleted with a placeholder that says all BOClean problems should be forwarded to Kevin? I’m sure he’d love that.

My understanding is that he’s moved on to bigger and better things and has pretty much handed over BOClean support to Comodo personnel (unless a major disaster strikes.)

I’m just providing feedback to others that BOClean is still having issues with some. Lanky1 has already confirmed he’s having similar crashing problems with version 4.24 after the TB & FF updates.

Have you tried uninstalling it and then reinstall it again? I too had tons of problems with BO424 too after I installed IE7 one one machine, then FreeRAMXPpro on another, problems like freeze over the systray, failure to update etc., However, the problems just disappeared after I uninstall/reinstall BO424. Somehow it seems like BO424 doesn’t like many things to be installed after it was, (:AGY). And yes, reading through the Forum and replies, Kevin gave me a feeling of he’d blame everything else before considering that there might be a problem with BO… :THNK

So if CBOClean has issues, than please try to explain most people don’t have the problems you describe ???

Greets, Red.

P.S. My last post, I have to go to bed because tomorrow ( in fact today ) we go to London for 3 days :slight_smile:

i think that the problems that some people are having is due to BOC 4.23’s not being properly uninstalled before installing BOC 4.24… BOC 4.23’s uninstaller would not run properly when run from “add/remove”…

i would try uninstalling BOC and making sure that there are also no remnants of BOC 4.23 and then reinstalling BOC 4.24…

for one thing, after you uninstall BOC 4.24, reboot and then look in “task manager” and see if there are still any BOC processes running… if there are, then BOC has not been properly uninstalled, and you will have to figure out how to accomplish that…

for one thing, if there are any BOC processes running, use “task manager” to close the processes and then make sure no BOC files are leftover in c/program files, either in a comodo folder or in a nsclean folder, in c/program files, deleting any that are found…

also, make sure that there is not a BOC startup regkey left in the registry, in “HKLM/software/microsoft/windows/currentversion/run”…

look to see if the BOCore service is still listed in “services”… if so, you can delete the “BOCore” service’s regkey(s) in “HKLM/system/currentcontrolset/services”…

Apologises, feeling suitably chastised and departs from thread. :frowning:

This seems logical to me. I would uninstall all traces of BOClean and go into a registry cleaner and look for remnance to delete. Then go to the Comodo web site and install it. In response to your statement that problems have “skyrocketed” with the new BOClean, I think nothing could be further than the truth. If you look at the help forum for the few weeks after the upgrade to ver.4.24, there are only a handful of problems considering it’s a new version. Compared to other software forums that have the wailing and gnashing of teeth for weeks after an up grade, BOClean’s bugs were nothing in comparison. Actually it’s commendable.
Each of us has different stuff in our computers, so you have to expect that every so often someones computer is going to protest with a certain software. You just happen to draw a short straw this time. I would try the clean install next. :slight_smile:

Sorry, didn’t mean to snap at anyone, just having the usual bad day.

I think I have found a pattern to this BO424 freezing at systray problem (:NRD). apparently BO424 doesn’t like having more than 1 instant of it running, either in fast user switching mode or terminal service mode (in my case) and these multiple instances trying to update at the same time, well, literally, hell “freeze” over (:AGY). a fter turning off the automatic updating, the multiple instances seems to be happy sitting next to each other… (:AGL) Anybody noticed something similar? :THNK