BOClean 4.23 destroys IE7


I just had an issue with BOClean 4.23 here’s my story:

My Daughter’s PC was running BOClean (EXE File Version 4.23.001) and she got notified of the trojan in the attached BOreport on IEFRAME.DLL.

The solution for BOClean was to move IEFRAME.DLL which caused IE7 to fail to load and other programs (see the other attached screen shot of a program start up) to fail. One of the programs that wouldn’t start was Comodo AntiVirus. I couldn’t get BOClean Help to load either to figure out where it move IEFRAME.DLL to, so again SOL.

Now I know a lot about Windows systems, so I searched the C:\WINDOWS directory for the last Hotfix from MicroSoft that contained the latest copy of IEFRAME.DLL and copied it to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32.

This seems to have resolved the issue with BOClean pooching IE7. :wink:

I see that BOClean 4.24.001 is released. Would this version have resolved this? Does not the autoupdate keep the BOClean exe up-to-date?

So, I opened support ticket and the only response was:

We had a faulty malware signature update, which caused this false-positive.
Please update BOClean to latest signature database and you should not
see this issue anymore.

…that’s all I got. 88) No help in addressing the underlying issue which was NO WARNING of this occuring plus Comodo Products (BOClean and AV) need this file to function properly.

I also didn’t see threads here mentioning IEFRAME.DLL as being a false postive so I thought, I’d start one. (:KWL)

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you should update BOC 4.23 to BOC 4.24 if you intend to continue using the program…

there are some problems with BOC 4.23’s uninstaller… you should run the uninstaller from the “start”/all programs/comodo/boclean folder as opposed to running it from “add/remove”…

use “task manager” to close all of BOC’s processes before running the uninstaller… then, after you have run the uninstall, reboot and then make sure everything BOC 4.23 is gone, as best as you can, before installing BOC 4.24…

you could also go into BOC’s “coinfiguration” and untick “automatically start BOClean” before running the uninstaller, which will remove the startup regkey…

it sounds like comodo has addressed the false-positives… that is good to hear, as well as hearing that there actually is a comodo support… i am not very familiar with “comodo”… i didn’t know if they had any “support”, or not…