BOC423 = up to 100% CPU usage

Hi everyone
I’m running BOClean 4.23 on my laptop with Windows XP Home and never had a problem with it since installation. Now, for about last two days BOC423.exe gives me up to 100% CPU usage. I’ve had to disable it because can’t do much on my lappy with this CPU usage.
Strange thing is that I’m also running the same version of BOClean on my desktop with no problem.
Please help me to fix this problem. (:SAD)

I am sorry, but I am afraid I can’t help you :-\ The only thing you can do is try to install CBOClean again. For that uninstall the existing CBOClean only this way : Shut down CBOClean. Go to the programs group, Comodo, CBOClean and than select the uninstall from there. Than reboot, and install CBOlean again.

Greetz, Red.

Yes, I was thinking about reinstall it again but is it worth to do it knowing that 4.24 is coming soon?

That’s up to you :slight_smile: Personaly I expect the official release of CBOClean 4.24 very soon, at least in a matter of days :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

I’ve tried your suggestion and reinstalled BOClean. It only partly fixed the problem. Still got 100% CPU peaks but they are less frequent.
Any chance to grab 4.24 RC to test and check if it can resolve the problem?

I guess not (:SAD)

I am sorry, but the 4.24 RC was only available a few days ago. You have to wait for the official release :wink:

Greetz, Red.