BOC423.exe [Resolved]

Hi folks, I just installed COMBOClean on my computer, and am checking things out. When I click All Programs menu>Comodo>Comodo BOCLean>Comodo BOCLean (which is boc423.exe) nothing happens. Is that supposed to launch a home page? Would a help contents be there with some instructions?
The other thing is the support link : WWW.Comodo.combocleansupboc.html This won’t load.
Thanks for any response in advance. :slight_smile:

Hi twl845,
The 423.exe should already be running after install. If you look in your task manager it should be listed.
The support link isn’t active at the moment as CBO was released before everything was completely in place. Think of it as a dress rehearsal for tomorrows official release. :wink:
You can access the support page at nsclean located here:

CAT , Thanks for the response and the help. (:WAV)

You’re certainly welcome… in the words of my friend Gracie…
“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle”