BOC423.EXE problem........ [Resolved]

I have been noticing when going to sites sometimes. In my processes. It jumps to 80/90% for the cpu. How I found this out is my fan kicks in really loud. It seems to happen when going to flash sites more than anything else. Do you know the cause? Sometimes it does this even at idle. But like I said. Its never long. Just for a few seconds and then goes back to normal. Currently running:

Windows xp home edition
Active Virus Shield

This is the new Comodo BOClean btw. I left that part out.

What process is causing the spike?

This can be checked by opening Task Manager, clicking the PROCESSES tab and then clicking the CPU column heading. This will sort the process list by order of cpu usage. To view the porcesses using the most CPU time, you may need to either A) scroll to the bottom of the list after sorting or B) click a second time to reverse the sort order. Either way, you’re looking for bigger numbers.

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Everything is at 00. Like I said. BOC423.EXE spikes on its own for no reason at idle, on web pages or going to sites. Sometimes just doing work within windows and not even going online. The spike is between 95%/80% everytime it does do it.

Without more information on your setup (OS, installed programs etc.) the best I can do is make a wild stab…
You might want to look at it with System Internals, Process Explorer to see a little clearer into what’s going on.
I’m guessing that the *history will show another process making a call prior to the CPU spike.
*View/select columns/Process Performance tab/CPU history

Windows xp home edition

Comodo BOClean
Active Virus Shield

Ah… sorry about that.
Did I mention I’m blind in one eye and can’t see out the other? ;D
Have you seen any other reports of BOC hanging/spiking the processor with any of those programs?
I’m to tired to search for it right now but I’ve seen something here and in the past with new versions conflicting with other security software. Usually it was somebody else’s sloppy code causing the problems.
Did you follow the install instructions fully including reboot?,8442.0.html
Have you monitored the spikes with PE (as suggested in my earlier post) ?
If you’ll IM me a good email address we can try something else… :wink:

I hit control alt delete and click on processes. Then view tab and select columns. Then from there I dont see anything what your talking about. I followed the install instructions to a t!


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Just a little update here with BOClean causing my cpu spiking issues. I was able to resolve the issue myself. I do not know if this is a bug with BOClean itself or CPF. I followed the install directions to a T. I made sure every single thing was closed and disabled. However. This is how I found the solution to my problem. When everything was closed and disabled. I just so happen to take a peak at my processes before uninstalling and reinstalling BOClean this morning. I found that while everything was closed and disabled. In the processes tab. cmdagent.exe was still running as a process even though I had closed CPF. By ending the process and uninstalling BOClean. I went ahead and restarted my pc to reinstall BOClean.

I went through the same steps as uninstalling BOClean with reinstalling it. Finding once again. With everything closed and disabled. In my process tab. cmdagent was once again running when I closed CPF. I once again ended the process for cmdagent.exe before reinstalling. And now I have no more cpu spikes at all. Everything is running smooth and quiet again. I dont know if this just relates to my machine or not. But I have a real good feeling 10-1 if people are running into spikes like me before. It is due to the cmdagent.exe running in the processes when installing BOClean. I hope this fix will solve other peoples cpu spikes if they run into this problem.

Glad you got that resolved, KoRn; I will mark the topic as such.

Even tho’ this is not the FW thread, I wanted to mention (you seemed surprised to see cmdagent.exe in processes after closing the gui) that the gui to FW (which is CPF.exe) is only the user-interface. The actual core of the firewall will always be running, when you close the gui. It starts with boot, and runs “behind the scenes.” So what you experienced there is not something unusual, or to be concerned about.

I don’t know how that relates to the issue at hand, but I’m glad that resolved it. If you find you need this topic reopened, just PM a Moderator (please include a link) and we’ll be glad to do so.