BOC Trojan problem and extra "scanning window" window

Firstly, after a recent update, I now get a rather ugly window titled “BOC 423” which shows various files scanned. I’ve looked at configuration options available but nothing obvious seems to stop this window from appearing! It never happened before.

Also, similar to one of the earlier posts, everytime time my PC boots BOC starts scanning the various files, displays files scanned in the unwanted window and then freezes. BOC then shuts down. It can take at least 2 attemps to get BOC running again. I then access the report, via the menu, and find the following:

Trojan horse was found in memory.
‡} contained the trojan.
Active trojan horse WAS shut down. System safe.

This has been happening every time I boot the machine and eachtime the line “??? contained the trojan” has a different value like q and . Also HIPS keeps asking me if “c:\windows\fld.exe is allowed to run”. I reckon this is causing part of the problem.

BOC first logged an entry a while ago probably when my son (aged 10) visited some doggy gaming site! Heres the log entry

05/21/2007 22:03:24: G:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\AEC.SYS
Trojan horse was found in above file
Logged in user: nick
Active trojan horse was shut down. System now safe.
Trojan horse was removed, registry cleaned.

But since then I get the “DLDR-BAGLE.B” problem reoccuring.

I run all the comodo firewall, antivirus & BOC together, largely because I want to reduce the time spent researchng, installing and testing other free security products. All updates have been aplied. I’m very hounored for the fact that BOC sacrifices itself to save my beloved software, though it is annoying havng to bring it back to life and annoying that the culprit file/registry settings havn’t been fixed.

I tried the trojan simulator mentioned in an earlier post. Only the HIPS process was able to identify the exe. When it was allowed nothing else detected the trojan simulator. I can’t guarantee that my son will click the right option (due to his gaming addiction!).

I am on the brink of looking else where and even start paying again for something like NOD32 or BitDefender combined with another anti-malware/spyware program I’ve yet to decide on.

Any advice? Good/Bad/otherwise?

for one thing, i would try uninstalling BOC and then reinstalling it… the reason i say that is because maybe BOC 4.23 was not properly uninstalled before installing BOC 4.24 and maybe that is causing a problem… so, i would uninstall BOC, making sure that no remnants of BOC 4.23 or BOC 4.24 are left behind, and then reinstall BOC…

as for the window that pops up at bootup, scanning files, look in BOC’s “configuration” and see if the box is ticked for “do not show startup scan”… it should be ticked, but it sounds like someone unticked it…

i don’t know what to say about the “malware” files that have been flagged on your pc… you could take things one step at a time… first, unninstall BOC and then work on getting rid of the malware-infection (from what you said, it sounds like whatever it is, BOC was not able to get rid of it)… so, i would go to some forum where you can get help with cleaning the malware-infection…

for one thing, to get rid of the malware, you could try installing “superantispyware” and let it do its thing… supposedly it is very good at removing malware-infections… that would probably be the easiest way to resolve the problem with the malware-infection… here is a link for “superantispyware”:

if it was me, i would try to figure out how to get rid of the malware myself, but i would do that by looking at information in the various forums where others had the same problem and see how they resolved it, or rather how “experts” helped them to resolve the problem…

some forums where you can get help with malware-cleanup are:

i wouldn’t give up on BOClean, yet… in my book, the only real alternative to BOClean is “trojanhunter”, for an antitrojan program… you could try “superantispyware” or “a-squared”, but i don’t think either of those are up to the same standard as BOClean and “trojanhunter” when it comes to “realtime” protection…

there might be other antimalware programs that i just don’t know much about… some people might say prevx offers the best protection…others might say “counterspy” has the best protection…

Many thanks. In my heart of hearts I don’t really want to give up on BOC!