BOC slows my mouse/cursor

First off, what is the difference between Defense (part of CFP3) and BOC?

I started experiencing an occasional mouse/cursor slowdown after the installation of CFP2. I thought maybe I was kicking a wire loose or the session had gone on too long or something, but what finally pointed me towards Comodo was watching Process Explorer some weeks after installing BOC. By then, cursor sluggishness had become quite frequent, typically lasting 10 to 30 seconds or more. Aside from idle processes idling, what was showing up most often at 5% CPU or higher were the BOC and cpf.exe processes. I closed BOC and the improvement was immediate. It was back to the more occasional one I associated with CFP. I’ve just installed CFP3 and killed loading of BOC, so we’ll see. Nothing else major has been installed during this period.

BOC tries to inspect the CFP processes in memory and CFP protects those processes. To avoid the problem of the two fighting, just put the CFP exe’s on the BOC excluder list. This has a side-effect: when you update CFP, the file signatures change and you have to remove the old entries and then add them again to the Excluder. I thought that this modification alert might be useful in some way, but I haven’t figured out anything exciting.

Thanks for the idea. After posting I had thought maybe this conflict wasn’t the case and the problem was LMonitor, an unnecessary MSI update watcher that tends to have 20,000 handles or more during long sessions. Will see what this change does.