BOC runs at 98% of CPU

Hello all.
IMHO, the fact that sometimes BOC works at 98% of the CPU does not depend on the configuration of the system, but somewhere update that goes in conflict with other programs.
Otherwise not explain why, without doing anything, BOC now works at 2-3%, and instead, a few days ago, the system was blocked by BOC that worked at 98%.
Or not?


What other real-time security softwares do you run together with BOClean? In case there’s a conflict between those programs.

Also, about high CPU usage:

[b]After installation, BOClean runs 100% CPU[/b] We saw this occur in beta as well as a few times with 4.12 and earlier releases. We never did find out what caused it, but it was an oddity on a handful of XP and Win2000 systems (probably due to another security program running while BOClean was originally installed. If this happens, hit ctrl-alt-del to bring up the task manager and check to see if there are TWO BOC425 processes running. If so, stop both and UNINSTALL BOClean. Then reinstall it. This always solved the problem when this occurred.

Please note that it is normal for BOClean to run at near 100% CPU when it is first started, as well as after opening and closing the menu button bar. This typically occurs for anywhere from a few seconds to almost a half minute while BOClean is re-examining ALL memory, processes and startups. During this time, the traybar icon will have a blue color before settling back to its normal black with regular ten second interval green flashes. Once the icon turns black, CPU should be near zero usage with an occasional 4% or so spike when the icon flashes. “Stuck at 100” usually indicates that two copies of BOClean are running and fighting one another.

BOClean runs 100% CPU on LIMITED accounts, OK for administrator OR when limited login occurs first, administrator’s BOClean hits 100%

Problem here turns out to be a bug in Windows2000 and WindowsXP permissions as a result of one of their past “security updates” that caused a strange anomoly. In all earlier versions of Windows, the ability to “load and unload kernel drivers” was not granted to “limited user accounts.” When a limited account logged in, it was not possible to load or unload a kernel driver. When any such attempt was made, the calling program was returned an “access denied” by the operating system and the driver never started.

Somehow this “expected behavior” has changed and now when a limited user logs in, the kernel driver IS loaded and started regardless of permissions, however notification to the caller of the kernel driver loader does not occur. Neither “success” nor “failure” is returned and BOClean was seeing its kernel driver and waiting for an acknowledgement from Windows that it had indeed loaded and was sent into a “wait loop” for a notificationthat never came. In other words, BOClean had one of its threads held in limbo. This was the cause of the “100% CPU.” We fixed it by not waiting for system return at all and now just check to see if the driver is running ornot by ourselves. Please note that the “100% CPU” problem is also associated with a noticeable “slowdown” from BOClean 4.12 upon upgrading … SAME issue!



Thanks for your message.
My other security software:
AVIRA AntiVir Personal Edition Classic (real time protection enabled)
Microsoft Windows Defender (real time protection enabled)
Comodo Personal Firewall
Spybot S&D (real time protection disabled)
Comodo AntiVirus (real time protection disabled)