BOC File Date?[Resolved]

my BOC malware-database has a file-date of “2007-10-13 18:10:28 UTC” which would be 13:10:28 EST…

however, my time now is 11:41 EST, 16:41 “UTC”, so it looks like someone goofed on the malware-database’s timestamp…

i just updated BOC again and the malware-database’s timestamp is “2007-10-14 17:38:16 UTC” which would be 12:38:16 EST, but it now is 8:37 EST, so the timestamp is not right…

I think you’ve got something… :frowning:
I’ll flag this and see if we can get some input. :wink:

thanks, cat… it looks like they have the timestamp right, now, after seeing the timestamp on the latest update…

Thanks for pointing this out.
Please take latest updates and timestamp should be close to what it should be.


As always, your help is much appreciated!
Thanks out to the redwolfe for catching it!
I’ll lock this and mark as resolved.