Any ideas why Boclean should suddenly want to access AOL in memory I had 3 alerts for different parts of aol why now that’s what I can’t understand & also I just opened up Microsoft word & Boclean wanted to access this in memory never before as it wanted to access everything I open up I find some of comodos products mind blowing with sudden alerts from Boclean & firewall 3

Just adding it now wants to access Windows defender very strange

Heh. Looks like “somebody’s anti-nasty” has failed to check BOClean. Yep, I freely admit that BOClean is going there, and doing that. BOClean was designed to spot anything which moves in memory and “check it” … no matter WHERE it “wants to go today.” :slight_smile:

Whatever is alarming, exclude BOC427.exe (and if it’s REALLY neat chit, tell it to exclude BOCDRIVE as well) … sorry, mate … you hired us to protect you, and those alien probings are HOW we do it! Your proggie (whatever) needs to know we’re FRIENDLY Martians! :slight_smile:

The problem is comodo 3 & it’s ever persistent alerts on programmes it knows are safe applications.
BOClean is in safe applications but still the firewall wants to alert me that BOCleans rummaging around

Just one more thing to add is I thought BOClean only acted when nasties activated themselves not to go remerging around in certain programmes

CBOC checks memory every 10 seconds or so, and sniffs everything. This is normal.

Check your rules in CFP3 D+ for CBOC, you must not have allowed something.

Although CFP 3 and CBoClean are both comodo products they aren’t specifically integrated and your CPF alerts are simply CPF’s Self Protection and nothing to worry about. It won’t have any adverse effect on system performance.

CIS is expected at some point to have CBOCLEAN integrated. perhaps next year…

What other security products are you running?