BOC 4.25 problem[Resolved]

I just returned from vacation and since I booted up, BOC 4.25 has been a steady green and using much of the CPU. When it was about 80%, I stopped the process, waited for the CPU usage to go down to normal then started it up again. Since then, about 4 hours now, it is still running at about 48% and the color is a steady green. When I try to use the “menu”, nothing is accessible not even “close this menu”. I get an hourglass over the entire menu window.
Help! What is going on and what should I do (other than shut it down which I am about to do again to get rid of the menu)??

Sounds like Windows choked on something… maybe a driver corrupted?
You might want to try rebooting and using the last known good configuration.
How to start your computer by using the Last Known Good Configuration feature in Windows XP

Thanks cat – will keep LKGC in mind next time needed. I did not reboot, but after leaving BOC off for 24 hours, I started it up today and it has been fine. Now the normal black with the green flash about every 10 seconds.
I guess whatever it was in Windoze cleared itself up, or BOC was just annoyed that it hadn’t been running for over a week when the system was off.

Good to hear all’s back to normal.
I’ll lock this up and mark as resolved, if you need it opened back up IM a mod.