BOC 4.25 has a problem and needs to close BUT BOCore.exe is running - HELP [RESOLVED]

In Windows XPsp2 I went into the admin account and got a message that Comodo BOclean encountered a problem and needs to close. I rebooted the computer, but got that same message when Windows loaded. I looked in Task Manager and BOCore.exe is running as System.

How can I fix this? I noticed a BOClean 4.26 is out but it seems there may be some problems with it. Can I fix my current version of BOC 4.25 somehow? If I have to remove it, do I end task the BOCore.exe in Task Manager (I doubt I will be able to do that, but haven’t tried.)

I would appreciate any advice. Thank you.

Sincerely, Libra

Hi Libra1,

I would recommend deleting 4.25(from add/remove programs or with ccleaner) completely,and then download 4.26.There has been a couple of problems but they where mostly relating to Vista.
Just a tip,have a look in documents and settings\xxxx\Application Data,there may be some left over folders there.Also make sure your in Admin account when deleting/installing.

Let us know how you go.


Download here

Hi Libra and Matty,

I would recommend deleting 4.25(from add/remove programs or with ccleaner) completely,and then download 4.26.

Please allow me to add something here:
I think that the right procedure for installing a new version, is described here:
If you don’t follow these instructions then things might go wrong.

  1. If you already have a copy of any earlier BOClean on your machine, UNINSTALL it first! If you have BOClean running on the tray bar, right click it, select “shut down BOClean”. Should you forget to do this the remover will complain and tell you to do so. There is no harm done if the old BOClean were to be left running, however you’ll have two BOCleans running and that will waste resources. The two will not interfere with one another, but you only require one.

  2. In order to properly install COMODO BOClean 4.26, you MUST be logged on as an administrator/owner. A reminder screen will appear when started to warn that it must be installed under the administrator/owner. It’s NECESSARY to ensure that the kernel driver is properly loaded that the installation be done by administrator.

  3. Once installed, BOClean will NOT reboot the machine - this is done in order to protect any “works in progress” on the user’s machine from accidental loss. However, the kernel driver once installed MUST start at boot-up and without a boot-up to kick it off; it will not be present until the machine has been rebooted. BOClean will also start automatically after a reboot; it is NOT started by the installer based upon the need for its kernel driver to be present. Without the kernel driver, any “test nasties” will not be detected until the “10 second recalibration flash” on the tray bar icon whereas with the kernel driver running, it will do so instantaneously. This is the reason for the reboot requirement rather than just starting BOClean straight away.

  4. Note to Vista users: If the installation reports “not responding” the install is proceeding and will be back to you in a few seconds. This is the result of Vista losing track of the window.

Hi Matty and Jrb,
Thank you both so much for your advice. Although BOCore.exe was still running, I used the BOClean uninstall from the Start Menu. It uninstalled BOClean completely (except for an empty Comodo folder in Program Files. I rebooted and installed version 4.26. It’s running and seems fine.

Again, thanks for your help.

Sincerely, Libra

Glad to hear all is fine now,i`ll lock this thread,if you need it re opening pm an online mod