BOC 4.25 crashing! fixed!!!

Hi to all,

I have been using BOC 4.25 since the first release and I found that it would crash now and again. When I say crash I mean that it would suddenly use 90% to 100% of my cpu and you could not do anything with it except press ctr/alt and del to stop the process. After a couple of days of trying to find out why, it would be ok again for a few days and then reapeating as before! Today was one of those days where it would crash but this time I have found the culprit making it crash! On MY machine it is the msn live messenger that is causing Boc to crash! I have now put messenger into the program excluder folder and hey presto Boc does not crash anymore for me!

Thought I would share my experience with everyone so that it may well help people with the same problem! good luck.



Thanks for supplying this feedback. This is really helpful for others who may be having the same experience.