BOC 4.25 blocs CPU at 100%


I’ve been using BOC for some weeks now. I recently noticed some uncommon CPU 100% activity. I stripped down all possible conflicting software to find that after some 10-15 minutes past boot or re-boot, BOC tray icon becomes green and CPU goes on to 100% for as long as your patience will bear (one hour for me).
Double click on icon does not work, and menu acts as if BOC is hung.
I have only one BOC425 process runnning and alive in the windows process manager.
The only way to stop BOC is to terminate the process in the same manager.
CPU usage drops immediately to normal around 0 - 3% on idle.
Before going 100%, the icon blinks green occasionally as predicted.

Soft Config is XP 32 SP2 pro, Avast pro, Comodo Firewall pro 3 & Defense +, copernic desktop search.
Hard is Athlon 64 3500+ (939) on MSI K8n Neo2 Platinum Nvidia nforce 3, 4 Gb RAM.

I have a hunch that either defense + or copernic desktop are causing a loop… perhaps, remotely and quite eventually, Avast.

Any ideas?

Welcome to the CBOC forums!
Have you tried disabling or uninstalling copernic desktop search?

Tks for the info, ~cat~. I haven’t tried disabling Copernic desktop search, yet I will shortly (I use it instead of the MS one).

I’d like to add a little something:

On another machine with XP 64 Pro SP2 (config hereunder) BOC is doing fine… AND Copernic desktop search is installed. I’ve had this machine running for the last 3 weeks, and still no issues with BOC hoarding the CPU. No issues of any kind, in fact!

Soft: XP 64 Pro SP2, Avast family, rest same as machine causing trouble, less Office 2007.
Hard: Athlon 64 +4000 Dual core on Gigabyte GA-M68SM-S2, 2 Gb RAM.

On another topic, do you have an idea of when you guys at Comodo will release a 64-bit version of your antivirus? I’d like to test a “full-comodo” 64-bit machine.

Hope you have some brilliant last days of 2007.

Found the bug!
Win desktop search had not uninstalled correctly…

Have been running with Copernic desktop for a week+ and no issues encountered.