Boc 4.24 shutdown

Since upgrading to Boc 4.24 I am having problems with Boc not shutting down properly

When I shutdown Windows XP I get a popup from Windows saying Boc 4.24 not shutting down properly and do I want to end program.

This was not common to Boc 4.23

Is there a fix for this problem


Have you tried installing the User Profile Hive Cleanup Service?

Brief Description A service to help with slow log off and unreconciled profile problems.

If what “cat” suggests doesn’t do it, I’m stumped as well since there’s nothing in 4.24 that would affect that since I wrote all the code and nothing has changed there from 4.23 or earlier. And we deliberately designed BOClean all along to not fight “shut down” orders. About the ONLY thing that would keep BOClean from shutting down when the system notification comes along would be if it’s in the middle of an update download, but even there - it would still shut down with perhaps a lag of as much as ten seconds before it relents once it’s grabbed a new database. However, the odds of that happening more than once in a fuschia moon would make sports bookmakers very pleased with those odds.

There are a few “security proggies” out there which will EAT “windows messages” but then the phenomena will be seen in different programs. But the only time BOClean will resist and answer the system with a “wait a minute” message would be if it’s in the middle of an update. We sure don’t want that disrupted, or BOClean will bomb on the next reboot. That’s why we do that. But like I said, the odds are umpteen to one as to that happening more than once or twice through Kismet in one’s lifetime.

Just for laughs and giggles, you might want to try turning off the autoupdate and see if that makes any difference … simply uncheck the box in BOClean’s configuration that says "Check for update every (x amount of time) … that’ll turn off the autoupdate to see if it makes any difference. Somehow, I expect it won’t … you can turn it back on after that’s been confirmed … but otherwise I’m stumped - gotta be something else …