bo clean

at times i notice a blue arrow on the graphic on toolbar?

can any body inform me what that is (:LGH)

i thonk o found out it means updateing

but i updated abiut 4 mins b4 i saw that blue arrow


You would have seen a scheduled update taking place.


thank you what puzzled me was i just updated it 4 mins before

Well you might have updated it manually but it is still scheduled to update automatically.

ok thank you

Hi mark5019 :slight_smile:

You can manage scheduled updates like this :

  • Right click on the the BOClean icon in the tool bar.
  • Left click “Configure BOClean”.
  • (Un)check “Check for update every 24 hours, beginning 4 minutes after bootup.”

I recommand to change it in every 6 hours ( minimum value ), beginning 6 minutes after bootup ( so that not every program is updating at the same time after bootup ) :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.