Bo Clean latest release


Ive posted this elsewhere, but got no answer-maybe this is the place for it.

Has the Winsock problem been solved?
I havent heard anything about this. I sent Kevin a file showing all my progs installed, as requested, but didnt hear anything.

Just installed the new version (after uninstalling 4.23) call me a knucklehead but what is the difference between them and what exactly is the rollback feature for?

If asking that question makes you a knucklehead then you’re in good company because i was just about to ask the same question. (:NRD)


The "Roll back" button is new to BOClean 4.24 and permits you to revert to the previous BOClean update. Its purpose is to replace the current database with the previous one in the event of a false positive or corrupted download. Be advised that if you CLICK on the "Roll back" button, then the older database becomes yours.

Got that from here.