BO Clean kills setup - can't install TomeRaider [resolved]


I downloaded the trial of TomeRaider from the site itself:

Its in a zipped file; after unzipping, when I run it, Comodo BOClean immediately stops it, saying there’s a trojan in it. I update BOClean regularly (actually I check for updates every alternate day), so it must be updated. The site from which I am downloading TomeRaider, and the application itself, are both legitimate ones, as far as I can see (unless the programmer of TomeRaider have themselves decided to put a trojan in it). I am including a screenshot.

So what do I do?


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errr it’s been a while since i used BOClean, but i think there’s a way to put the app to BOClean excluder

I don’t want to add it in any excludes; what I am asking is how is it that a legitimate software is being identified as a trojan? Or is it that the software is really a trojan?

I’ve never had BO Clean give false alarms, it hardly ever gives any alarms at all; most of the time it is the antivirus or the firewall which detect the stuff. So could this be a false positive?

I have less that you no alerts yet on Vista.
You could try what is suggested in this thread to find out.

Hi CellBurner,

It was a false alarm. The FP was fixed and if you are still facing any problems, please let us know.


Just updated, and ran the setup of TomeRaider again; no problems this time.


cool! :-TU
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