bo-clean--cavs [resolved]

evening folks. been using the firewall for a while now and like it very much. couple of questions. currently using avg free version plus a squared and superantispyware on demand. will cavs in final form be able to replace avg. also not sure what boclean is or where to find info about here. apologize for my ignorance. tks for any help. frank.

hi frank.

The best answer to your first question, “will cavs in final form be able to replace avg”, is one that you have to seek yourself by testing it. Put it another way: if you have a clean system then CAVS should be able to replace AVG, at least in terms of preventing viruses and other related malware due to its HIPS element.

As to Comodo BOClean Anti-Malware (its new name), this is the board:,83.0.html

tks for info soya. only been doing this 4 years but have maintained a clean system. so far anyhow. just cautious where i wander on the web. have a good evening. frank.