Bluetooth network and net sharing protection


I use a desktop PC (WinXP) with Comodo Firewall. I have a PDA with WinMobile, too.
I connect my PDA to my PC via Bluetooth, and make the synchronization, and file transfer via BT.
And I share the net connection of my PC via BT, too. I use the net on my PDA.
My questions:

  1. Can protect Comodo FW the BT shared net connection, too?
  2. Needful a protection (firewall) software on my PDA, too?


#1Comodo cannot function as firewall for your PDA.
#2 I would think so. Does WinMobile have Windows Firewall on board? If so enable it.

I don’t owe a PDA so my answers are common sense rather then hands on experience.