Bluetooth device question


I have just installed a bluetooth device program bought from a friend in Windows 7 32bit. While I do not normally use bluetooth devices I just thought that it’s a nifty one doing-ff with the cables when transferring pictures/videos from my mobile / camera to the pc(where I do the editing).

Upon installation CIS prompted for a Network so I made an assignment network for it. But when I was actually transferring data from mobile-to-pc(and back) there was no indication of outbound/inbound traffic in CIS’s firewall.

Is this normal…?

I also see a couple of devices that are not my own(probably some neighbor playing around with her/his Bluetooth device) during the transfer. While there is no connection between them…can I ask for tips/guidance how can I create a rule in CIS for Bluetooth devices/applications…?

Or there is no need for creating some kind of a rule…?

How about bluetooth modem via mobile phone…? If there is someone here at the forums with experience using one with CIS I’d gladly like to hear some observations/tips.

Thank you :slight_smile: