bluescreen indicates ctmflt.sys


it appears I’m having more problems with Comodo Tim Machine – now on my wife’s PC… her Windows XP SP3 system has been blue screening pretty regularly on a daily basis.

a portion of the bluescreen that I was able to copy down says:

*** STOP: 0x000000F7 (0xBA33FB90, 0xBA33A304, 0x45CC5CFB, 0x00000000)
*** CTMFLT.SYS - Address BA33A304 base at BA338000, DateStamp 4c440dd7

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to get a minidump from the system… the “Startup and Recovery” settings I set to have it “Write debugging information” keeps getting cleared out. I keep resetting it to write a dump file, but for some reason the setting stays until the system blue screens. After I reboot, the setting is reverted back to not save a dump file.

Any ideas on how I could track down the problem? I only posted here since I’m already having some issues and the BSOD indicates CTMFLT.SYS…


Anyone from Comodo available to answer this yet?

lkawamot, suggest you uninstall CTM on your wife’s computer and observe 1 to 2 days, if there’s no more blue screening you may then conclude it’s CTM’s driver having some conflicts with other software in your system.

You may also try installing version 2.9beta and see how it works out if you’re using version 2.8 now.
(Also it’s prudent to make a backup copy of the system before installing a “deep” and “low” program like CTM !)