Blue Screen

When I try to burn something onto a cd disk with Comodo Antivirus Beta I would get a blue screen of death. Here is the specs for my system: Comodo AntiVirus - Version Information Report

Product Information
======= ===========
Build Version :
DataBase Version :
AllowDB Version :
Program Updates Version :

License Information
======= ===========
License Status : Activated
Product Installation Date: 20-Sep-2007
Product Activation Date : 06-Nov-2006

Program Files Information
======= ===== ===========
CMain.exe :
CavApp.exe :
CavSn.exe :
CavAud.exe :
CavMud.exe :
Cavasm.exe :
CavEmSrv.exe :
CAVSubmit.exe :
cavengine.dll :

Operating System Information
========= ====== ===========
Operating System : Windows XP
Operating System Version : 05.01.2600
Service Pack : Service Pack 2
Internet Explorer Version : 7.0.5730.11

Hardware Information
======== ===========
Central Processing Unit (CPU) : Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 1.70GHz
Available Memory : 208MB
Total Memory : 502MB
What is making that happen? The printer spooler was running when it crashed. Could that be the cause of the crashes? Here is my minidump file if it will help. I was using the built in cd burning software on Windows Xp Home.

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I’m having trouble with that version too.

Here’s sysdata.xml and memdump.dat.

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